Sister Wives: Kody Brown wishes he had a tractor after one of his kids got their car stuck deep in mud

Kody Brown of Sister Wives
In a new preview clip, Kody wished he owned a tractor. Pic credit: TLC

In a preview clip for the upcoming episode of Sister Wives, Brown family patriarch Kody Brown wished he owned a tractor and explained why a neighbor may have to rescue one of his four wives “from the stupid.”

The lighthearted scene was a welcome change from this season’s theme of the pandemic and Kody and Meri’s broken marriage.

On the confessional couch, Robyn opened the clip by explaining that there was a car on their property at Coyote Pass that was deeply sunken in the mud, and she had driven out and witnessed for herself just how trapped it was.

Kody, who recently celebrated his 30th “non-anniversary” with Meri, showed up to the scene and videoed, showing just how deep in the mud the SUV was stuck.

As it turned out, Kody and Christine’s daughter Gwendlyn was the culprit. She attempted to drive through thick mud and got stuck up to the car’s axel in mud.

Kody and Christine, who have had a “rough” relationship for a couple of years, sat on the confessional couch to discuss the car their daughter inadvertently got stuck.

Kody told the cameras, “This car is buried.”

Kody found humor in the situation

Back at the scene, Kody filmed as he continued to show how deeply the car was stuck and said, “It’s impossible,” while laughing uncontrollably.

Gwendlyn could be heard in the background telling Kody, “I blame the tractors.”

Kody asked her, “Why do you blame the tractors?”

Gwendlyn sarcastically answered, “Who else would I blame? Not myself.”

Kody, who recently got called out for treating Robyn differently than Christine, asked her, “Not yourself, for not staying on the road?”

Kody wished he had a tractor, but was more concerned about being embarrassed

While explaining how he was going to try to get the car out of the deep mud, Kody told cameras, “If I had a tractor, I’d use a tractor.”

He continued, “But to ask my neighbor to come and do it would be sheer embarrassment for me. It needs a tractor.”

Instead of asking for help with someone who had a tractor, Kody was seen attempting to pull the car with his own SUV using tow rope, only to spin out.

To avoid getting his SUV stuck in the mud, Kody said, “I don’t want to dig myself deep,” and gave up on his efforts.

Janelle, who Kody recently called “lazy” and “full of s**t”, added her two cents on the confessional couch, genuinely surprised at just how stuck Gwendlyn’s car really was.

She said, “She is stuck, like, wow!”

Kody looked jokingly dejected when he confessed, “All I know is I wish I owned a tractor.”

Kody and Christine shared a laugh

Kody joked while he and his wife Christine laughed on the couch together.

He said, “If I’m unsuccessful here, she will go get the neighbor and she will tell the neighbor that she did all this stupid and that she needs the neighbor to rescue her from the stupid because, and if she mentions my name…”

Christine cut in, “I won’t, I will not betray you,” an interesting statement to make after she reaveled she doesn’t always feel like Kody’s equal partner.

Next, Kody imitated what the neighbor might say to Christine, “Don’t you have a husband? Oh, he looked at this and said…” as he waved his hands in defeat.

Christine cut in again and told Kody, “And I wouldn’t even say that. He’d go, ‘Don’t you have a husband?’ I’d just go, ‘He’s at another woman’s house,'” while she laughed hysterically.

Kody pointed at Christine and laughed, saying, “Oh, yeah. That one would work.”

Chances are that the neighbor could have found Kody at another wife’s house after Robyn recently admitted to feeling guilty that Kody spent most of his quarantine at her house.

Cameras showed Kody and several family members using shovels to clear the mud around Gwendlyn’s car, along with rocks for traction and a jack to lift it.

One of Kody’s wishes may have been granted

Robyn, who is open to having more kids with Kody, added, “You know what’s ironic? Kody used to say all the time in Las Vegas, that he wanted to move somewhere so he could go with his kids and play in the dirt and mud.”

To add insult to injury, when Christine went to start the car, its battery was dead.

Back on the confessional couch, Janelle, who disagrees with Kody’s bleak outlook for the family, said, “Yeah, I don’t know if it could get any worse than this right now,” with a chuckle.

Eventually, Kody and Christine got the battery charged and the car started right up.

Janelle continued to give a little history on the car and said, “I mean, the car is so old. Like, it was 15 years old when we bought it for Maddie in high school. It’s been through its kids. I’m not sure it will survive beyond Gwen.”

Many longtime fans of the show have missed the lighthearted interactions between Kody and his kids. Maybe this is a glimpse into less stressful storylines and more of the happy-go-lucky attitudes that many fans have missed.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.