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Sister Wives fans think the Brown family is on the brink of splitting — who would leave first?

The Brown Family of Sister Wives
Sister Wives fans think Kody and his wives are nearing splitsville. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives fans think Kody Brown and his wives are on the brink of splitting, and they’ve debated which spouse they think will leave first.

This season on Sister Wives, fans watched as the family’s polygamous marriage began to crumble.

Kody and Meri’s estranged marriage was a major storyline for most of the season, and Christine eventually revealed her marriage woes with Kody as well.

Even Janelle, who is typically easy-going and non-confrontational, got into it with Kody this season, particularly over her parenting choices.

Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn, was torn between whether or not to have another baby with her husband this season.

Fans of the show think the Browns’ plural marriage is coming to an end

Reddit users discussed which of Kody’s four wives would leave the family first, and gave their reasons why they thought so.

In a poll that asked Reddit users, “Who will be the first to leave?” the poll creator wrote, “I truly believe we are nearing the dissolution of the family. Who will be the first to bolt?”

The Browns of Sister Wives on Reddit
Sister Wives fans took a poll discussing which spouse they thought would leave the marriage first. Pic credit: u/UnculturedSwine522/Reddit

Reddit users’ voting options were Christine, Robyn, Janelle, Meri, Kody, or Kody and Robyn together.

Christine won the poll, with 339 of the 581 total votes. Users discussed which spouse they chose and gave their reasons why.

Most fans of the show thought Christine would be the first to leave

One user hoped that all four of Kody’s wives leave, calling their marriage “suppressive,” and felt like Christine would be the first one to bolt from the plural marriage.

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“I sure hope all the ladies leave this suppressive situation and find happiness! Christine I think is the closest because her mom left, aunt left and I think that might give her strength. Plus she has a grand baby and some of her kids are in Utah where she wants to be,” the user commented.

The Browns of Sister Wives on Reddit
Reddit users voted for which spouse they think will leave first. Pic credit: u/UnculturedSwine522/Reddit

Another user thought Christine was the most ready to leave, but didn’t think she had the courage to do so.

“I agree. Though Christine seems the closest to reaching her breaking point, I don’t think she has the balls,” they wrote.

The Browns of Sister Wives on Reddit
Reddit users debated which spouse would leave the marriage first. Pic credit: u/UnculturedSwine522/Reddit

Christine struggled in her marriage to Kody this season

Christine hit a breaking point this season when she admitted that she and Kody had a “rough” relationship. Their struggles dated back to when she was adamantly against Kody’s plans for the family to live in one shared house.

This season, Christine walked away from a family meeting and declared that she “couldn’t do marriage” with Kody anymore. She struggled with feeling as though she was an “equal partner” with Kody and repeatedly made it clear that she wants to move back to Utah.

A fan painted Kody as a narcissist while another felt Janelle may surprise everyone and leave

One fan of the show felt as though Kody and Robyn were already headed towards a monogamous relationship without the other wives, but didn’t think Kody would admit to leaving for fear of ruining his reputation.

Many fans of the show have long thought that Robyn is Kody’s “favorite” wife who receives special treatment over Meri, Janelle, and Christine. This season, Robyn and Kody disagreed over whether to have more kids together.

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The user said, “Kody and Robyn have already checked out, but they’ll never leave. It would look bad, and narcissists do not like to paint themselves in a bad light or show people outside their inner circle who they truly are. If anyone leaves, I’m betting it’ll be Christine[.]”

Another Sister Wives fan thought it would be a pleasant surprise to see Janelle pick up and leave: “I think it would be kinda awesome if Janelle left shocking everyone. The show was taped about a year ago and a lot can happen in a year[.]”

Janelle and Kody shared their own troubles this season, when he insulted her parenting decisions and called her “lazy.”

Did the Brown family achieve the opposite of what they set out to do?

One Reddit user noted that when Sister Wives first aired, the show was aimed at normalizing polygamy. But now, after 15 seasons, their complicated relationship hasn’t exactly made polygamy look appealling.

The user commented, “It’s funny how the show started showing us that polygamists are just like us and functional despite the dynamic. Yet now, all these years later, we’re making bets on who is leaving lol …. I’m unpopular but honestly I think Meri/ Christine are the ones staying.”

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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