Sister Wives: Is Robyn Brown plotting to become Kody Brown’s only wife?

Are Robin and Kody Brown monogamists now
Is Robyn trying to become Kody Brown’s only monogamous wife? Pic credit: TLC

Fans are wondering if Robyn is plotting to become Kody Brown’s exclusive monogamous wife by causing tiffs between Kody and his other three wives. She’s the one wife of Kody’s who seems to get the best version of him.

Robyn entered the picture when Sister Wives first aired on TLC, during a tumultuous time for the Browns. They were being investigated under Utah’s strict anti-polygamy laws, so they fled the state practically overnight and headed to Las Vegas.

Once in Vegas, the wives ended up living in separate homes, although within the same cul-de-sac. This was the beginning of a long period of separation within the family.

Living in separate homes allowed the wives to become accustomed to being alone with Kody and in turn, they have become more demanding of his time.

Being that Robyn was the newest and youngest wife with the most children still at home, naturally, Kody spent more time at Robyn’s house, spurring resentment among the other wives. Meri, Janelle, and Christine were done having children with Kody and most of their kids were nearing their teen and adult years.

Fast forward to the Browns’ living situation in Flagstaff, and again we see four completely separate families in four separate homes, further dividing the large family. This time, though, they’re not sharing a cul-de-sac; their homes are spaced anywhere from five to fifteen miles apart from each other.

The Brown family moves into one of their homes in Flagstaff, AZ. Pic credit: TLC

We learn that the wives haven’t communicated or seen each other much at all, because of logistics, and honestly, why would they need to? Living apart for so long has made the four of them appreciate their alone time.

Janelle feels compelled to sit down and talk to Kody, Meri, Christine, and Robyn about the shift in their family dynamic.

When Janelle, Kody’s second wife, invites him and the other three wives to lunch, they’re all shocked when Janelle asks them why they entered the “principle,” a term many polygamists use for plural marriage.

Janelle answers that she did it because she loved the idea of the family and the group synergy with the goal being to “overcome their crap” and learn to not be selfish.

Meri claims that she entered the principle because she was raised in the culture, her father having taken his second wife when she was 11 years old.

Christine says she liked the example that her grandmas were, explaining that after their shared husband died, her grandmas stayed close-knit together, and she likes the sisterhood.

Robyn’s answer to Janelle’s question about entering the principle is that she loved how the family functioned and that “the big family thing” was always cool to her. Kody looks surprised to hear Robyn’s answer and mutters a quiet, “Hmm,” with a perplexed look on his face.

Kody recently hinted that he is struggling with plural marriage and has even hinted that monogamy might have been a lot easier. He and Robyn recently purchased a house together in Flagstaff. Christine is the only other wife who owns her home, with Meri and Janelle both renting their properties.

After the first episode of Season 15 aired, Robyn took to Twitter to elaborate on why she entered into plural marriage with the Brown Family.

Pic credit: @LuvgvsUwngs/Twitter

Robyn is Kody’s only legal wife

Robyn is Kody’s only legal wife. They courted and wed spiritually in 2010 after a short courtship.

Kody’s first wife, Meri, legally divorced Kody in 2014 so that he could legally adopt Robyn’s three children from a previous marriage. Ever since the divorce, rumors have been circulating about Meri leaving the family.

It would appear that Kody has chosen Robyn as his favored wife ever since their courtship, leaving Meri, Janelle, and Christine often feeling left out. Kody is continually defending Robyn over the other wives, bending over backwards to make sure her needs are met,

To further complicate matters, Robyn came into the family while Christine was pregnant with her and Kody’s sixth child, and it wasn’t long after that Robyn was pregnant with her and Kody’s first shared biological child.

“I never know if it was these other things that were going on or if it was me.”

During a sit-down interview, a tearful Robyn says, “When I came into the family, there was a lot of things that happened all at once. I never know if it was these other things that were going on or if it was me. And it kills me.”

Robyn Brown sits down for lunch with Kody and the other wives to discuss family things
Robyn Brown sits down for lunch with Kody and the other wives to discuss family things. Pic credit: TLC

When Robyn and Kody married, she was the youngest and arguably the most attractive of his wives, stirring up a lot of new jealousy between the four women. Watching Kody court Robyn was not easy for the other three wives (or viewers at times), considering none of them got the same lengthy courtship, nor nice wedding ceremony and reception.

Seeing how much time and effort Kody has devoted to Robyn, her kids, and how much he defends her over the other wives, it’s pretty obvious who his favorite wife is.

Kody doesn’t hide the fact that he and Meri have grown apart for some quite time now, that he disengages during his time with Christine, and has always portrayed a friendly, business-type relationship with Janelle.

Kody posts on Twitter before, during, and after the show’s premiere episode

Pic credit: @realkodybrown/Twitter

Kody answered a few fan questions and commented on a few topics that aired on Sunday night. Among his tweets, he mentioned thanking God daily for getting “this house” and that he loves living in Flagstaff.

Presumably, Kody was speaking about the house that he and Robyn recently purchased, as aired in the Season 15 premiere.

Kody and Robyn were at each other’s throats last season, trying to agree on whether to rent or buy in Flagstaff. Robyn was adamant about renting, as she is still holding out hope that they’ll enact their plan to build on their property at Coyote Pass.

Kody was dead set on buying a house. This caused a lot of friction, some of it playing out on social media.

While it’s clear that Kody Brown is tired of trying to please all four of his wives, so far, Robyn seems to want her Sister Wives around her. Or at least that’s what she’s said about the issue on the show and elsewhere.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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