Married at First Sight fans are calling for Olivia and Henry to date after both choose divorce on Decision Day

Olivia didn’t find her soulmate but left with a good group of friends. Pic credit: Lifetime

Although New Orleans had almost picture perfect matches this season on Married at First Sight with Amani and Woody and Amelia and Bennett, the ones that ended in divorce couldn’t have been more disastrous.

The not so lucky ones — Henry and Christina and Brett and Olivia — were forced to deal with their troubled marriages on the longest season in franchise history.

While their marriages didn’t work, fans are calling for a new couple to form.

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Their relationships ended badly

Henry’s new wife accused of him of being gay and Olivia’s husband quietly moved out while she was traveling.

Olivia was a long-time fan of the show and went in with the expectations of making the marriage work. Unfortuately for her, she got matched with Brett, who she ultimately thinks didn’t come on the show to actually settle down.

He was overly sarcastic and that ultimately made it hard for the two to establish a deep connection.

While Olivia had to deal with Brett’s sarcasm all season, Henry dealt with Christina’s dishonesty. From lying about where she lived to accusing him of being gay, viewers aren’t sure how this couple made it to Decision Day.

The relationship had been awkward at best and the couple didn’t even share a kiss after their wedding.

Fans have another match in mind

While their expert matches may not have worked for them, fans have another couple in mind.

Fans are convinced Henry and Olivia would make a great match. Pic credit: @itzsassyashley/Twitter

Viewers are calling for Henry and Olivia to give it a shot.

Olivia has been vocal about wanting to see the world and this could be what reserved Henry needs to get out of his shell.

Although Henry is an introvert, his dry humor does come out and would definitely keep Olivia entertained. While their marriages didn’t work in the experiment, there’s no reason why they can’t find love on Married at First Sight.

A fan comments on the show. Pic credit: @_toushay_/Twitter

The next season of Married of First Season is set to premiere in January and the show is taking us back to the hot city of Atlanta.

As for Henry and Olivia, time will tell if they make their way to each other. Regardless, fans are rooting for their happiness.

Do you think New Orleans cast members Henry and Olivia would make a good match?

Married at First Sight Atlanta returns in January 2021 on Lifetime.

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