MAFS Update: Olivia and Brett broke up on Decision Day — Where are they now?

It was obvious what Olivia and Brett’s decision would be. Pic Credit: Lifetime

Olivia and Brett were the couple on this season of Married at First Sight who couldn’t make it to Decision Day. It also didn’t help that their time in the social experiment nearly doubled as they happened to be on the longest season in MAFS franchise history.

The season based in New Orleans brought success stories like Amani and Woody and Amelia and Bennett, but they didn’t quite get this match right.

Although there was an initial attraction, the two disagreed on major subjects such as finances and children.

Brett packed his things and left

The pressure of the pandemic was definitely felt by this couple as Brett decided he couldn’t live with his life on hold anymore.

Olivia went to visit her family and upon her return, she was shocked to find Brett completely moved out of their apartment. From the spices in the pantry to his cats, everything was gone.

Olivia was confused because when she left, the couple was still on good terms. He used the excuse that he didn’t agree with her traveling during the pandemic and left.

Brett makes it clear that Olivia wasn’t the wife he was expecting to be matched with. Olivia claims on the day he moved out, he told her, “You’re not what I asked for.”

There was no situation where this couple would’ve stayed married on Decision Day.

What have they been up to since Decision Day?

The reunion gave updates on what the participants have been up to since making their decisions.

Instead of attending the reunion with all the other couples, Brett was the only participant to video call in. He blamed work protocols for his inability to physically be there.

When asked if she and Brett had rekindled things, Olivia swiftly says, “Not at all.”

Brett ultimately blames the failed marriage on incompatibility and lack of chemistry.

He claims a lot of context is missing from the show and editing played a huge part in how he was portrayed.

Even reserved Henry chimed in about Brett’s behavior in the social experiment.

Fans will remember when Brett hit on Henry’s friends at the party, to the point where they were very uncomfortable. He says that the way Brett conducted himself at the bachelor party showed the person he really was.

Olivia ultimately believes he is a serial dater and he didn’t go into the experiment with the true intentions of settling down.

As for what is Brett is up to, he’s matching with all of Olivia’s friends on dating apps.

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