Is Bennett’s tattoo real? Amelia gets huge MAFS Decision Day surprise when husband drops his pants

Both fans and Amelia have fallen for Bennett’s unique charm. Pic credit: Lifetime

It’s been four long months and it’s time for New Orlean’s Married at First Sight couples decide if they want to spend forever in their arranged marriages. 

While the experts hit it the nail on the head with some, other couples couldn’t make it to Decision Day. 

Amelia and Bennett have been fan favorites from day one. 

From when Amelia walked down the aisle with a bird in her hair to him spending his nights in a gown, they were two people who were unapologetically themselves and it worked. 

She appreciated the quirks like his tiny house and loved his creativity. Bennett liked that she was comfortable being the breadwinner while he stayed home and took care of their future kids.

They made MAFS history twice

From the day they got married, this couple had instant chemistry. It didn’t hurt that they were the first couple in MAFS history to have actually met before getting married.

The two found each other attractive during their first meeting but at the time, were in two different stages in life.

That changed when the couple miraculously crossed paths again as they got matched to get married as strangers.

Due to the pandemic, they also participated in the longest experiment in the franchise ever. This forced them not only to figure out a new marriage but in a high-stress environment.

While they didn’t argue a lot, one of the biggest conflicts of their marriage was her need to move due to her medical residency. However, Bennett handled this with ease, agreeing to split his time between New Orleans and her new city of Richmond, Virginia.

He gave her a present on decision day

It would’ve been really awkward if Amelia chose to divorce Bennett on Decision Day because he gave her a permanent gift. 

In front of the experts, Bennett revealed that he had a ‘surprise’ for her. 

The expert’s mouths started to drop as Bennett began to unbutton his pants.

Viewers couldn’t imagine what Bennett was about to reveal underneath his pants when he pulled the back of his jeans just below his waist to present his new ink.

He proudly showed the experts his new tattoo that was inspired by his wife. In thin letters, the experts recognized Amelia’s initials with a heart around them.

Both the experts and Amelia were completely shocked but Pastor Cal went on to call him ‘a beast.’

While it’s obvious what this couple chose on Decision Day, will they be able to survive the long run?

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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3 years ago

Woody and Amani and Amelia and Bennett will go down as all time favs on MAFS! LOVE them!