Married at First Sight: Henry is done after Christina accuses him of being gay and cheating

Pic Credit: Lifetime

We’re in unprecedented times in the Married at First Sight experiment and one couple has already called it quits.

While Brett and Olivia had made their way out of the experiment, Henry and Christina aren’t far behind them.

The experts believed that Christina’s adventurous personality would bring out a different side of reserved Henry, but unfortunately – that hasn’t been the case.

Instead of their personalities balancing each other out, Henry found her impatient and pushy, and Christina struggled with him showing no affection.

The two have struggled through the experiment

Although Christina was initially excited to try something different with Henry’s introvert demeanor, she couldn’t get over him not being an aggressor in the relationship.

They’ve spent over 78 days married and even hand-holding would be a stretch for this couple.

Christina has been open and let viewers know that her previous partners have all been very affectionate. In this relationship, she struggling with being forced into the aggressor role and doesn’t feel desired.

In a discussion with Pastor Cal, Henry finally lets her know what he really feels about her. He thinks she says things he wants to hear but doesn’t mean – hinting that she’s dishonest.

Major accusations were made

Christina came up with her own theory as to why things aren’t working out.

Not only did she accuse him of infidelity but things have gotten nasty with her accusing her Henry of sleeping with another man. She claims she received a text message from a ‘reliable source’ that Henry was gay.

However, when asked for proof, she conveniently lost the message.

Woody was shocked to hear Christina called her husband gay. Pic Credit: @icanonlybechino/Twitter

He admits he does takes his time getting home – he’ll take the long way home just to spend less time with her at the house. However, that doesn’t mean he’s cheating.

Henry goes on record to say all these claims are false. He feels this is one last ‘hail mary for her to save face.’ She knows what she is saying is a lie.

She goes on to say, she never thought he was gay but just had questions about the text message she received.

Henry ultimately thinks she was using this lie to make herself feel better in understanding why he wasn’t attracted to her.

Do you think the couple can come back from this or is it pretty much time for a divorce?

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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