MAFS Update: Christina and Henry broke up on Decision Day — Where are they now?

Christina and Henry from Married At First Sight.
Decision Day was an easy decision for Henry. Pic Credit: Lifetime

Decision Day is over in New Orleans, and it’s no surprise that Henry and his flight attendant wife Christina chose not to stay together forever.

While Henry couldn’t wait to leave the experiment, viewers were confused when Christina revealed she was still going back and forth with her decision.

After accusing her husband of being gay, fans felt like they knew exactly what Christina’s decision should be.

However, they do get credit for making it to Decision Day as they experienced the longest experiment in the franchise’s history.

The experts didn’t get it right with this match

Christina was not used to a partner as reserved as Henry. Since what she usually goes for hasn’t worked in the past, she decided to give the expert’s recommendation a chance.

At first, she felt he was being a gentleman, but as time passed, she was begging for him to make a move. Not used to being the aggressor in the relationship, Henry made her question herself.

It was later revealed that Henry wasn’t romantically attracted to her. What made the relationship extra volatile was Henry’s inability to communicate with her.

Although he questioned his wife’s intentions in his confessional interviews, he never actually verbalized his concerns to her until it was too late.

He found her dishonesty a major red flag, and it only made it worse when she accused him of having an affair with a man after she received a “mysterious” text message. He goes as far as saying that she threatened to hold it over his head and tell everybody his secret.

On Decision Day, she tries to tell Henry that she never thought he was gay, but it did cross her mind.

Henry feels like she’s lying and doesn’t believe there was even a text to begin with.

She reveals that through the whole experiment she never felt wanted by him. However, he finally spoke his truth and said she’s full of excuses.

They moved on

Pic Credit: @mafsfan/Instagram

Christina has been vocal about her love of travel and the MAFS star went to Mexico.

Two months after Henry and Christina decided to part ways, the reunion was filmed. She reveals that she flew in from Mexico to make the occasion.

Henry has moved on and is speculated to be in a new and happy relationship.

Although the relationship ended badly, Christina hopes the two can be friends.

Do you think Henry actually wants to be friends with Christina?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.

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