MAFS: Pastor Cal says Christina’s accusation about Henry being gay is a ‘ridiculous rumor’

MAFS expert, Pastor Cal does not think Henry is gay
Pastor Cal does not think Henry is gay. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight New Orleans is quickly winding down to decision day.

And so far, fans are nervous to find out which couples will stay together and which ones will decide to get divorced.

Most of us already know the inevitable fate of the odd couple, Christina and Henry.

The two were mismatched from the very start with the outspoken Christina and the shy and quiet Henry just not finding any commonalities.

It quickly became clear that the couple just couldn’t make it work.

Henry’s lack of interest in the flight attendant may have bruised her ego, and in one episode, Christina claimed to have gotten a text alleging that Henry was gay.

She never showed him the text, and he believes that his wife made the whole thing up.

Now, one of the experts, Pastor Cal, is weighing in on the allegations, and he doesn’t believe the rumor either.

Pastor Cal calls the gay allegations a”ridiculous rumor”

During an episode of Married at First Sight Unfiltered, Pastor Cal dished about the shocking allegations made by Christina regarding Henry.

Pastor Cal does not believe a word of it, and calls the accusation made by the 30-year-old a “ridiculous rumor.”

“I believe that [was] a reaction to how she felt about him not making a move,” notes the MAFS expert. “And so she’s trying to rationalize and trying to find some reason as to why this man is not attracted to me and why this man is not making a move on me.”

“And a lot of times, women will say, ‘Hey, you must be gay. You don’t want me.’ And then everything that happens fuels that ridiculous rumor. Henry didn’t have an affair with a man or with anybody! That’s not who he is. That’s just so not him.”

Pastor Cal  later added that he thinks Christina was just hurt, admitting, “It’s a hurtful thing to feel your spouse is not attracted to you.”

Miles and Woody discuss the allegations

During the conversation, two other Married at First Sight cast members, Miles and Woody also chimed in on the allegations as well.

Actually, the cast members didn’t know about the text Christina had claimed to receive– especially since she and Henry went on a couple’s retreat with their castmates soon after.

During the Unfiltered episode, Woody and Miles were quite shocked to hear what Christina had said about Henry.

“Henry is a guy, just knowing him, who’s really committed to seeing the process through,” admits Miles.

“And so, I’m not surprised….But I will say that if I was accused of that, I probably wouldn’t have been cool with it.”

Be sure to tune in to find out which couples stay married and which couples end in divorce.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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