Is Henry from Married at First Sight gay? Just one of the lies Christina said about her MAFS husband

Did Christina make up a lie about her husband being gay?
Henry claims Christina is being dishonest in their relationship. Pic credit: Lifetime

After the absolute debacle of Married at First Sight Season 10, we have to give experts kudos for doing a much better job this time around.

Many of the couples seem like an ideal fit for each other, and some had intense chemistry from the moment they first met. Unfortunately, they missed the mark on one pairing, in particular — Henry and Christina.

The two seemed like total opposites from the very beginning – with Henry’s shyness and introvert attitude compared to Christina’s brashness and outgoing demeanor.

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Possibly, the experts thought that opposites would attract; they were wrong!

Henry says Christina is dishonest

Last week the couples went into lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This certainly didn’t fare well for the already shaky marriage between Christina and Henry.

During a chat with pastor Cal, Henry pointed out some dishonest behavior from his wife.

On their wedding day, the brunette beauty told him that she lived in the CBD (Central Business District). But when it was time for them to visit each other’s homes, Christina’s belongings were in her car!

This, Henry said, was one of many things she’s been dishonest about since they’ve been married.

“I’ve noticed a pattern of dishonesty. I noticed it kind of early on, and I kind of let it slide by,” Henry said. “But I think it kind of prevented me opening up to her early on and just talking to her.”

Is Henry Gay?

Henry said that’s not the case, and there’s absolutely no reason to think otherwise. However, Christina thinks this is the reason her husband has no interest in her.

During the last episode, the Season 11 castmember dropped a bombshell on her husband, questioning his sexuality.

Henry shared in the episode, “When I got home, Christina kept on implying that there’s a specific reason as to why things aren’t working out.

“And I said, ‘I’m very confused. If you think I cheated on you, if you think I’m dating somebody else, I’m absolutely not doing that at all.’

“And so, eventually, she told me that a ‘quote-unquote’ reliable source texted her — a male — that he and I were, um, he and I were allegedly sleeping together. And that I was gay. I told her that it was absolutely not the case.”

Henry says Christina did not show him the alleged text messages, and he questions if she’s lying about this as well.

“I don’t know if she’s making it up,” Henry said. “I don’t know if she really received a text. I have no idea why she was making this accusation.”

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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3 years ago

That’s what happens when you go on some dumb unReality tv show and marry someone you don’t even know. Did she seriously think that was really going to end in happily ever after? He’s just not that into you girl. The show is over. Get divorced.

1 year ago

He didn’t seem to come off as gay to me BUT…..what I saw near the end and how I observed how emotionally and physically shut down he was……I really have to say it is a possibility. She is a BEAUTIFUL girl, and I doubt a straight guy wouldn’t have made some move living with her in one room like that. I’ve been frustrated like that, too, and the guy turned out to be gay. They like it when we blame ourselves for their non-attraction.