Married at First Sight spoilers: Here’s who stayed married on Decision Day and who got divorced

The wives discussing their marriages after moving into new apartments. Pic Credit: Lifetime

We’ve seen them get married, honeymoon in Mexico and move in together, it’s easy to tell which couples had instant chemistry and which were painful to watch (cough, cough Henry and Christina) on this season of Married at First Sight.

While the experts nailed it with some, with others, the connection didn’t go as planned.

We have gotten word from MAFSfan on Instagram on with who stays married and who gets a divorce on decision day.

Woody and Amani

No surprise here – this couple stays together.

The experts nailed it with Woody and Amani. The couple had instant chemistry and liked each other from day one.

While most of the other couples had problems with intimacy, Woody and Amani had to wait for their emotional connection to catch up to their physical one.

Woody has always said that he loved Amani’s brutal honestly because he wasn’t kept guessing like he was in previous relationships.

We’re guessing they’ll make the first MAFS baby of this season.

Bennett and Amelia

Viewers loved Bennett and Amelia’s connection from the beginning and it was strong enough for them to agree to stay married on decision day.

From the bird in her hair to his nightgown on their wedding night, both are unapologetically themselves.

They were also the first couple in MAFS history to know each other before the wedding day. They happened to have a mutual friend, so it’s safe to say these two run in similar circles.

I mean who else would appreciate the creativeness in Bennett’s tiny house more than Amelia?

The main question looming over the couple’s head was Amelia’s constant need to relocate due to her profession. However, Bennett expressed that he seriously sees a future with Amelia and would be willing to leave New Orleans.

Henry and Christina

christina henry married at first sight
Christina’s extrovert personality proved too much for Henry. Pic Credit: Lifetime

In this case, the opposites did not attract.

The experts were hoping that Christina’s sassy personality would bring out a different side of reserved Henry. Instead, he found her to be quite impatient and high maintenance.

Initially, it was Christina’s goal to throw Henry out of his comfort zone. Although she wanted to date someone different than her previous relationships, it was clear Henry was too different.

He proved to move too slow for Christina. She made it clear that there needed to be an initiator and it wasn’t going to be her.

It’s no surprise that this couple has decided to part ways and allegedly Henry is already in a new relationship.

Brett and Olivia

Pic Credit: @MAFSfan/Instagram

It seems like Brett wasn’t able to teach Olivia how to budget as this couple has allegedly called it quits on decision day.

As we were reminded all season, Brett wasn’t going to get past Olivia making more money than him.

While nurse practitioner Olivia wants to go out and experience things, Brett saw the value in purchasing property and saving money.

It wasn’t their spending habits, but how they communicated about them which was their downfall.

Miles and Karen

karen-miles-decision day
Slowly but surely, Karen comes out of her shell to new partner Miles. Pic Credit: Lifetime

Fans all wanted this couple to work, but it wasn’t clear if they had what it took to make it long-term.

Miles let Karen know that words of affirmation were his love language, and Karen promised to make an effort to fulfill that need.

Luckily, the experts were right – Miles had enough patience to not be put off by Karen’s walls.

Although Karen was initially worried about Miles’ being younger, this couple is reportedly still going strong.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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