Married at First Sight: It’s Decision Day and Miles has a lot to think about before committing to Karen

Miles has a lot to consider for Decision Day. Pic credit: Lifetime

Instead of the traditional eight-week experiment, the participants this season faced the unprecedented pandemic that pushed them into the longest season of Married at First Sight.

While some couples are in love and others can’t wait to leave the experiment, there is one couple that has us biting our nails on Decision Day. All season, fans have watched Miles’ patience with Karen as she slowly took down the walls she had up.

Viewers are split on how this couple will decide to go about their marriage.

They’ve had a long journey

Karen revealed that in her previous relationship, her partner not only cheated on her but had a child with another woman while they were still together.

On paper, Karen is everything Miles asked the experts for. From her cooking to her drive, there definitely are reasons why he would want to stay married to her.

However, Miles wants to feel love from his partner in the form of affection, something his new wife Karen struggles with. The physical intimacy was scarce in their four months of marriage and it isn’t something Miles is used to in his relationships.

Karen wants a man that can put her in her place and feels Miles can be too emotional. She lets him know he needs to feel comfortable stepping up as the man of the house.

Although the pandemic brought them closer together, her effort may not be enough for him.

Miles finds that they are compatible in so many ways but are lacking in intimacy. He needs to feel happy in a relationship.

Fans are split on Karen

While some fans are understanding with Karen’s past, some think she’s self-sabotaging her relationship with Miles.

Pic Credit: @chasingcloudy/Twitter

Although Karen is portrayed as cold on the show, Miles continues to be patient. However, he has come to the point of deciding how much more he can really take.

He realizes that at a certain point, he needs to take into consideration what’s important to him in a healthy marriage.

Ultimately, Miles has to make the decision of whether he should stick to his marriage since it has potential or let it go because it hasn’t morphed into what he wanted after four months.

Do you think this couple will stay married on Decision Day?

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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