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Love Island USA: Here is how much the cast charges for Cameos and where to find them

Love Island USA cast members - Cameo
Cashay, Josh, Shannon, and Javonny are all Love Island USA cast members on Cameo. Pic credit: CBS

When people appear on reality TV shows, they often use this to help them make a living thanks to their new fans.

The biggest way that the cast members make a living is by becoming social media influencers.

This works the same way as television or Internet advertising works, but with the celebrities endorsing products on their social media pages.

Instead of paying a television network money or getting websites to load up a ton of pop-up ads, they pay the new reality TV celebs money to post photos with the products on Instagram or TikTok.

However, there is another way to make money where the celebs get the cash directly from their fans.

Cameo is a way for fans to pay the celebs to record and send in personal videos where they say just about anything the fans want. Hardcore fans will buy them for themselves, while in many other cases, they will get them for friends as gifts.

Several members of the Love Island USA cast are now on Cameo and here is where they rank on what they charge.

Love Island USA on Cameo – $10 level

There are several Love Island USA stars at the base $10 level, which is the lowest you will find the cast from this show.

This includes Kamryn Mickens-Bennett, Raul Frias, Isabel Johnson, Wes Ogsbury, Slade Parker, and Charlie Lynch.

Two names stand out here.

Charlie Lynch was one of the finalists, so having him only charge $10 seems low, although several fans hated him for how he treated Cashay Proudfoot on the show and how he ended things with Alana Paolucci after leaving the show.

The other is Wes Ogsbury, who was a fan favorite after he left the island with Aimee Flores and continued their relationship in the real world. However, their on-again-off-again relationship is off again after a recent rumored breakup.

Elly Steffen and K-Ci Maultsby charge $15

At the $15 level, there are two Love Island USA cast members with Elly Steffen and K-Ci Multsby each charging $15 for their Cameo videos.

The $20 Boys

There are three Love Island USA boys charging $20 for their Cameos, and the names are interesting for the higher charge.

First up in Andrew John Phillips, who never made it out of Casa Amor. Next is Christian Longnecker, who was the first person kicked out of the villa. The third is Isaiah Harmison, who tried to hook up with Aimee Flores, only for her to dump him for Wes.

Here are the rest in order, from least cost to the highest.

11. Gabe Sadowski – $25

Gabe Sadowsky on Love Island USA
Gabe Sadowsky on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Gabe Sadowsky came onto Love Island USA and didn’t find love with anybody.

He was yet another Casa Amor boy who wasn’t given a chance. He charges $25 for his Cameos.

10. Aimee Flores – $29

Aimee Flores from Love Island USA
Aimee Flores from Love Island USA. Pic credit: @aimeeflores/Instagram

Leave it up to Aimee Flores to go with a weird amount. Aimee charges $29 for her Cameos.

Aimee has kept in the news since she was booted from Love Island USA. She was one of the strange evictions that came even though she was matched up with someone, although her partner Wes Ogsbury was also booted at the same time.

While the rest of the group went on to compete for the main prize, Aimee and Wes traveled together and grew stronger. However, it seems their relationship has ended – or at least remains very confusing.

9. Bailey Marshall – $40

Jeremy and Bailey on Love Island USA
Jeremy and Bailey on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Bailey Marshall made it to the finals while coupled up with Jerremy Hershberg.

After leaving the villa, Aimee hoped to continue the relationship but then learned that Jeremy liked someone else. Bailey announced the two were broken up and then it turned out Jeremy was with Florita Diaz.

Bailey charges $40 for her Cameos.

8. Javonny Vega – $40

Javonny Vega on Love Island USA
Javonny Vega on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Javonny Vega became a huge fan favorite on Love Island USA and many fans threatened to boycott when he was dumped from the villa.

It sucked for Javonny too, since the Casa Amor girls said they were all coming to try to woo him and he left just days before that event took place.

Since leaving, Javonny has gotten a girlfriend and he now charges $40 for his Cameos.

7. Kyra Lizama

KC, Will and Kyra from Love Island USA
KC, Will and Kyra from Love Island USA. Pic credit @kcmaultsby/Instagram

Kyra Lizama was a finalist, one of the OG girls, and was in the runner-up couple at the end with Will Moncada.

While some fans thought Kyra and Will cheated to get to the finals, and knew each other beforehand, that was never proven and the two are still proving everyone wrong by staying together in the real world.

They even have a new YouTube channel coming this weekend.

Kyra charges $40 for each Cameo video.

6. Cinco Holland – $45

Cash, Cinco, Olivia and Korey from Love Island USA
Cash, Cinco, Olivia and Korey from Love Island USA. Pic credit: @cashayproudfoot/Instagram

Cinco Holland has kept his face in the news since leaving Love Island USA.

This is because Cashay Proudfoot sought him out and hooked up with him after she left. The two then went on several dates and seemed to be connecting well.

They spent a lot of time together in New York at the reunion and were both in Los Angeles for that reunion as well. Cinco charges $45 for a Cameo.

5. Korey Gandy – $45

Korey Gandy and Olivia Kaiser on Love Island USA
Korey Gandy and Olivia Kaiser on Love Island USA. Pic credit: @korey_gandy/Instagram

Korey Gandy was one of the biggest fan favorites on Love Island USA Season 3 and he ended up winning the entire thing with Olivia Kaiser.

The two even just set fans’ hearts fluttering when they just announced they are living together in Arizona and working on furthering their relationship.

Fans who want to hear more from Korey can get a Cameo for $45.

4. Josh Goldstein – $50

Josh and Shannon from Love Island USA
Josh and Shannon from Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Josh Goldstein has the most heartbreaking journey on Love Island USA.

While his connection with Shannon St. Clair was rocky from the start, they looked to be growing stronger and could have won it all. However, Josh’s sister died suddenly and he had to leave the show.

Shannon left with him and that makes them one of the most popular couples of the season. Josh charges $50 for his Cameo videos.

3. Cashay Proudfoot – $50

Trina and Cashay on Love Island USA
Trina and Cashay on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Cashay Proudfoot ended up as one of the most popular Love Island USA Season 3 stars. She came onto the show with a small Instagram following and left with one of the largest on the show.

Cashay has been all over social media since she returned to the real world and she has become an influencer on her channels.

She is also in demand as a Cameo star, and she charges $50 for her videos,

2. Shannon St. Clair – $55

Josh and Shannon on Love Island USA
Josh and Shannon on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

It is no surprise that Shannon St. Clair would rank near the top. She came onto the show and seemed tailor-made for prime time.

She brought the drama and the sass and that translated into her overwhelming popularity, picking up as many new fans as she did haters.

All publicity is good in the world of reality television and she has begun to cash in on Cameo, charging $55 for each video.

1. Will Moncada – $69

Will and Kyra on Love Island USA
Will and Kyra on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

In quite simply shocking news, Will Moncada is the Love Island USA star that charges the most on Cameo.

Moncada, who often complained that his struggles with the English language caused people to misinterpret what he was saying is now charging $69 per Cameo video after coming in second on the show’s season.

Love Island USA is currently on hiatus. Fans can relive Season 3 by watching it on Paramount+.

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