Jenelle Evans throws shade at former Teen Mom 2 castmate Leah Messer

Leah Messer and Jenelle Evans formerly of Teen Mom 2
Jenelle Evans threw shade at her former Teen Mom 2 castmate. Pic credit: MTV

Jenelle Evans can’t seem to stay out of the Teen Mom 2 drama lately, and now the former MTV star is throwing shade at one of her former castmates, Leah Messer.

Although Jenelle hasn’t filmed for Teen Mom 2 in over two years, she is still finding ways to stay involved with the show. In fact, she recently weighed in on the Teen Mom 2 feud between Kail Lowry and Briana DeJesus.

Since cutting ties with the show, Jenelle has been using a lot of her free time to go on social media to often stir up drama.

Jenelle’s latest target is former Teen Mom 2 castmate Leah Messer

Leah tends to, somehow, keep out of most of the drama among her fellow Teen Mom 2 cast members.

But Jenelle felt it was necessary to use her social media platform to diss Leah. Jenelle engaged in some Teen Mom 2 gossip after one of her followers stirred it up.

As she so often does, Jenelle took to TikTok last week, this time to host a live Q&A. One of Jenelle’s followers asked her how she felt about current cast member Leah Messer.

Jenelle used the opportunity to stir up some drama, Teen Mom 2 style. “I just think that she needs to live her life,” Jenelle told her 1.7 million TikTok followers.

“I mean, I don’t feel nothing but she tries to be in a clique or be friends with who she thinks is popular,” Jenelle continued.

She added, “And she will go with whoever she thinks has the most benefits for her.”

Fans of Teen Mom 2 bashed Jenelle for attacking Leah

Fans of the show took to a Reddit thread to discuss Jenelle’s attack on Leah.

One Reddit user pointed out the fact that Leah generally keeps to herself and doesn’t like getting involved in any drama.

“Hahaha what did Leah even do? She is seriously so quiet and minds her business lmfao,” wrote the fan.

Another fan mocked Jenelle for her self-diagnosed illnesses, and wrote, “Her fake illnesses aren’t bringing in the attention that she’s used to if she has go to back to trashing her former cast mates.”

“”Look at meeee! Notice meeee! Taaaawlllkkk to meeee!” wrote another Reddit user, mocking Jenelle for seeking attention.

Another user said, “Tell me you peaked in middle school without telling me you peaked in middle school……”

Jenelle Evans formerly of Teen Mom 2 on Reddit
Teen Mom 2 fans bashed Jenelle for taking aim at Leah. Pic credit: u/bgomezzz/Reddit

This isn’t the first time Jenelle has taken aim at Leah

In 2019, the same year Jenelle was fired from the show, Jenelle took to Twitter to drag Leah into a parenting debate.

When Jenelle tweeted about what a great mom she was, she got some backlash from fans. She asked her haters, “So I guess Leah’s not a good mom? She got her kids taken and given back just like me.”

Leah fired back, though, and had her own response regarding Jenelle’s parenting.

“She’s gotta pin her troubles on someone… why not it be me?  Worry about what’s good for you and those babies Jenelle. Stop attacking people on social media,” Leah tweeted.

Jenelle caused another Teen Mom 2 riff when she brought up Leah’s past battles with addiction.

Ahead of an episode of Teen Mom 2 last year, Jenelle tweeted, “I wonder if you’re really going to tell the truth about your addiction. I know too much. Why was I super honest about mine but you weren’t? Curious.”

Jenelle Evans formerly of Teen Mom 2 on Twitter
Jenelle’s tweet from last year, seemingly aimed at Leah. Pic credit: @PBand Jenelley_1/Twitter

Ironically, Leah had opened up about her recovery from opioid addiction on the episode, prompting fans to target Jenelle for taking aim at Leah.

Although fans were convinced Jenelle’s tweet was aimed at Leah, she denied that Leah was her target. Jenelle later threatened to quit Twitter — which isn’t new for the former reality TV star.

Is Jenelle coming back to Teen Mom 2?

MTV cut ties with Jenelle in 2019 after discovering her husband, David Eason, shot and killed their family dog, Nugget.

Since her firing, Jenelle has said that she would still be open to working with MTV again. Due to recent ratings for Teen Mom 2 plummeting, fans are wondering if Jenelle could replace the newest cast member, Ashley Jones, on the show.

Fans of the show would certainly have questions if that were to happen. Would Jenelle’s presence on the show again boost ratings, and would fans watch if she rejoined the cast?

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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