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Jenelle Evans slams Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer on social media

Leah Messer and Jenelle Evans
Leah Messer and Jenelle Evans. Pic credits:

Jenelle Evans can’t seem to stay out of trouble. And her typing fingers are usually what kicks it off.

In an inadvertent attempt to defend herself from online “bullies,” Jenelle dragged down fellow Teen Mom star, Leah Messer, with her.

Recently, Jenelle went on her Twitter to brag about her excellent mothering skills. One fan called her out, saying that a good mom doesn’t need to use Twitter to brag about her skills as a mother.

However, Jenelle insists that she is a great mom and that she will shout about it “until your ears bleed.”

Another fan clapped back, stating that “good moms” don’t get their kids taken away. But Jenelle couldn’t let that go, and instead, decided to drag Teen Mom 2 star, Leah Messer into the fight.

“So I guess Leah’s not a good mom?  She got her kids taken and given back just like me,” she wrote on social media.


It doesn’t appear Leah Messer has hit back, as she typically stays pretty quiet when these fights come around. But Jenelle kept going, insisting she knows “more about it than people think” referring to Leah’s custody situation.

But to be fair, most fans aren’t buying Jenelle’s holier than thou attitude, calling out Jenelle for having given up Jace to party back in the day. Yikes.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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