Big Brother spoilers: Did the Power of Veto get used today?

BB23 Week 3 Noms
Britini D’Angelo wound up nominated for eviction in Week 3. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers for today begin with the Week 3 Veto Ceremony that just took place in the house. The BB23 cast has its final nominees locked for the July 29 Eviction Ceremony, setting the stage for who is going home next.

Over the weekend, the Big Brother house participated in another Veto Competition, with the Head of Household, the two nominees, and three additional houseguests playing for the Power of Veto.

As seen on the Sunday night episode of the show, Xavier Prather is the new HOH and he nominated Brent Champagne and Britini D’Angelo for eviction. Neither nominee was pleased with what happened at the Nomination Ceremony, but they both had a lot of energy to go out and win the Power of Veto.

Xavier, Brent, and Britini were joined by Christian Birkenberger, Derek Frazier, and Whitney Williams in the Week 3 Veto Competition.

Did the Week 3 Power of Veto get used on Big Brother 23?

Christian won the Power of Veto this week, giving him control over the Veto Ceremony. He had the opportunity to save either Brent or Britini from the block and make one of the nominees very happy with him. The problem was, though, that if Christian used the POV, someone from one of his alliances could end up on the block.

Since Christian is also on the same team as HOH Xavier, it didn’t make any sense for him to go against the house this week.

Christian did not use the Power of Veto and the nominations will remain the same.

More news from the world of Big Brother

On Monday, the houseguests were told that the backyard has already been locked down. This could mean that construction is going to begin for the upcoming Head of Household Competition on July 29. Could we see our first real Endurance Challenge of the season? It’s probably still too early to do the wall, but there are a lot of other possibilities as well.

For any Big Brother fans who didn’t already know about it, BB18 winner Nicole Franzel just gave birth. The baby is with former houseguest Victor Arroyo, who Nicole got married to a few months ago. They started dating after meeting in the house and the rest is now history.

We might be seeing more Big Brother weddings in the near future as well because there have been a few engagements since Big Brother 22 came to an end.

Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans from BB20 got engaged. The started out as a showmance, but their relationship has gone even further in the real world. Tyler is also starring in a new movie.

That’s not all the Big Brother relationship news. Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett from BB22 got engaged as well. The couple started dating after sparks flew during the Big Brother 22 season and now they are ready to get married.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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2 years ago

Why are they picking on britini. She could organize a girls alliance and run the house.
Why no one over 50 in house this time. That would of brought balance to game play.