Derek Frazier shoots his shot for Big Brother 30

Big Brother alum Derek Frazier is ready to return to TV. Derek finished as the runner-up on BB23, where Xavier Prather was named the winner. That season of Big Brother was dominated by one alliance, as The Cookout took all its members to the final six. Derek often posts on social media about what’s happening


Are Big Brother couple Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss still together?

Big Brother 23 featured Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss. The BB23 cast members were on the wrong side of The Cookout alliance that summer, leading to their early exits from the game. But Derek and Claire made it to the jury phase. A romantic relationship developed between them in the jury house. The secret of


Big Brother alum Frenchie reveals fans threatened his family and farm

Brandon “Frenchie” French made an eye-opening social media post on Wednesday. The former Big Brother 23 cast member revealed the dark side of reality TV fandom. During the Summer 2021 season, Frenchie became the second person sent home, but he provided some very entertaining Big Brother play during his brief stint. Frenchie frequently interacts with


Big Brother 23 alum going to medical school

Hannah Chaddha from Big Brother 23 is heading to medical school. She shared her exciting news in a new social media post. Big Brother fans met Hannah in the summer of 2023 when she joined 15 other houseguests to play the game. During the season, Hannah joined an alliance that would go down in history.


Big Brother 23 winner Xavier Prather gets engaged

Xavier Prather just revealed that he got engaged over the weekend. Big Brother fans met Xavier during the Summer of 2021 season. As a member of the BB23 cast, Xavier was also part of the dominating alliance, The Cookout. The six members of the Cookout Alliance made it to the end together, setting a new


Big Brother alums poke fun at Survivor winner

Ahead of the Survivor 44 season finale, some Big Brother alums were looking back at the last winner. In Fall 2022, Survivor 43 aired on CBS, and the season ended with a controversial winner. Mike Gabler was named the Survivor 43 winner over Cassidy Clark and Owen Knight. But the one-sided vote (7-1-0) was shocking


Big Brother alum presents a dramatic idea to select jury members

A Big Brother alum shared an idea to shake things up on a new season. Brandon “Frenchie” French was part of the BB23 cast, where Xavier Prather emerged as the winner. Frenchie was a force in the first week of that season, winning two challenges to become the first Head of Household. He played the


Frenchie comes out in support of Janelle’s Big Brother 25 thoughts

Big Brother 25 has become a hot topic recently. And that has included former houseguests talking about the BB25 cast. Four-time player Janelle Pierzina railed against recent houseguests, stating that many people aren’t even trying to win the game. She feels some newer houseguests have been content with simply making it to the jury phase.


Big Brother’s Claire Rehfuss and Joseph Abdin almost didn’t get to play

Big Brother alums Claire Rehfuss and Joseph Abdin are now very well-known for their appearances on the show, but they almost didn’t even get a chance to play the game. For Claire and Joseph, their journeys to be Big Brother cast members nearly came to an end when they were sequestered as alternates. Each season,