Big Brother alum presents a dramatic idea to select jury members

Frenchie On Instagram 2
Brandon French played on the Summer 2021 season of Big Brother. Pic credit: @FarmerFrenchie_/Instagram

A Big Brother alum shared an idea to shake things up on a new season.

Brandon “Frenchie” French was part of the BB23 cast, where Xavier Prather emerged as the winner.

Frenchie was a force in the first week of that season, winning two challenges to become the first Head of Household.

He played the game really hard, turning himself into a target when someone else became the HOH.

Even though he didn’t make it to the BB23 jury, Frenchie shared many thoughts about the season on social media.

He has now passed on an idea shared with him about how future juries could get shaken up.

A new idea for the BB25 jury?

Janelle Pierzina from Big Brother: All-Stars recently railed against players who aren’t trying to win the game. Janelle is upset that some houseguests only care about making it to the jury house.

It was a sentiment that Frenchie agreed with in his own post, suggesting that it might be time for a new era of the game to begin.

And now he presented an idea where the potential members of the BB25 jury could be randomly selected. If the cast knew about this in advance, it could cause everyone to play the game harder.

“What if on a season of bb when you were evicted you pulled an envelope?” Frenchie began a new tweet.

“Inside that envelope it said if you’re going to go home or go to the jury house. This would ruin the plans for any large alliance,” Frenchie explained.

Shortly after he made the post, Janelle responded to it.

“This would actually be very entertaining,” Janelle wrote with an emoji to express her excitement.

They are both correct, and it would create a situation where more players would fear getting evicted. Removing the safety net of the jury house could change many strategies.

Frenchie BB Jury Idea
Frenchie shares an idea for the BB25 jury. Pic credit: @farmerFRENCHIE/Twitter

Big Brother 25 arrives this summer

The season premiere for the BB25 cast will air on August 2.

Unfortunately, the Big Brother 25 season got postponed by CBS, but this is what can happen when a Hollywood strike takes place.

Later this summer, the producers will announce who is playing the game this time. They also teased that the BB25 cast is a new group of houseguests.

Fans who want to watch Frenchie and Janelle playing Big Brother can stream their seasons using Paramount+.

The streaming service is also where Big Brother 24 episodes from last summer can be viewed.

Big Brother 25 airs in the summer of 2023 on CBS.

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