Big Brother 25 season premiere date announced by CBS

Julie Chen Moonves Back For BB25
Julie Chen Moonves returned to host Big Brother 25 in Summer 2023. Pic credit: Julie Holland/CBS

The Big Brother 25 start date has been announced.

And much like the rumors had hinted, the season premiere has been postponed.

The expectation was that Big Brother would return around the end of June or early July.

But the reality is that the Writers Strike has had an unintended consequence.

With the writers on strike, most scripted shows will be impacted.

CBS has sought more reality-oriented shows for primetime slots during the fall.

When is the Big Brother 25 season premiere?

The Big Brother 25 season premiere airs on Wednesday, August 2.

CBS revealed that it is a 90-minute premiere to introduce the 25th season of the show.

After opening night, the show will slide into its regular time slots.

Episodes for the BB25 cast are Sundays at 8/7c, Wednesdays at 8/7c, and Thursdays at 9/8c.

Who is on the Big Brother 25 cast?

In addition to the date of the first episode, CBS also revealed some big information about the BB25 cast.

According to the network, the season will be played by “a group of all-new houseguests” competing for the $750,000 prize.

This refutes any rumors that there would be returners living in the Big Brother house this summer.

It also becomes more difficult to call this the Summer 2023 season of Big Brother since there is no content in June or July.

Some Big Brother rumors indicate this is a 99-day season. So, the BB25 houseguests may play the game much longer than recent casts.

Many Big Brother fans and alums have already responded to the postponement. The news has not gone over well.

Host Julie Chen Moonves is also returning for the new season. Below is a teaser that she just posted on social media.

More reality television news

In addition to the news about Big Brother 25 getting delayed, there have been announcements about other reality competition shows on CBS.

Survivor 45 episodes will be longer in the fall, as will the season of The Amazing Race.

CBS is also bringing back The Challenge USA, with a new season to feature Big Brother and Survivor alums again.

And now there is chatter about bringing back Celebrity Big Brother. It’s possible that CBS could put together that season to air right after Big Brother 25 concludes in the fall.

For fans who want to go back and watch classic seasons from these shows, previous episodes of Big Brother, Survivor, and The Amazing Race are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Big Brother 25 debuts on August 2 on CBS.

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10 months ago

Have not watched BB since the players decided to vote off anyone who was white to ensure a black person would absolutely win . Unbelievable ! Will never waste my time watching this garbage again . I am sure this will be deleted because no one is allowed to voice an opinion anymore .

9 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Yet, it was okay when season after season the white players voted off the black players to ensure the black players would never win. LMAO,, Nobody cares if you don’t watch it.. you’re only important to your mother, well maybe lmao