Big Brother alum and fans react to BB25 postponement news

Julie Chen Dress
Julie Chen Moonves had some new twists for the Big Brother 25 cast. Pic credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

Big Brother 25 may have been delayed, leading to numerous reactions from fans.

Former houseguests are also reacting to the news, many of whom are shocked by the possibility.

At issue is the Writers Strike, which is causing a delay in the production of all scripted shows.

Networks are trying to plan schedules for the fall without those programs, leading to an increase in game shows, reality shows, and news programs.

This week, a rumor that Big Brother 25 is getting postponed came out. Since the news has come from a reliable source, people are reacting to it.

It has to be mentioned that CBS has not made an official announcement, but delaying the show so it can air more episodes in the fall makes sense.

At the same time, CBS just released a commercial to promote Big Brother 25, so fans are understandably excited and buzzing.

Big Brother fans react to the possible postponement of BB25

Some fans have pointed out that Big Brother is supposed to be a summer show and that the fall presents an opportunity to air two seasons.

There has been some chatter at CBS about bringing back Celebrity Big Brother, which could begin airing in the winter months.

One fan suggested that it is possible to have one season from June to August and another from August to November.

That would be a lot of Big Brother for the fans to enjoy, but it might also saturate things.

Some fans are getting frustrated with the production teams.

Big Brother alum responds to the BB25 news

Janelle Pierzina also reacted to the news that BB25 could be delayed. Janelle has played Big Brother four times, including being part of two different All-Star casts.

“Wait. So we’re not getting Big Brother this summer?!? The new schedule is Aug- Nov?,” Janelle tweeted.

It led to a quick response from a fan who wanted to watch the new season with her son. Janelle also noted that she had plans to watch it this summer because she is gone this fall. Cue up the rumors about Janelle on a new show.

Janelle BB25 Tweets
Janelle Pierzina reacted to the possible BB25 delay. Pic credit: @JanellePierzina/Twitter

Maybe the rumors of Big Brother 25 getting postponed will be proven false. Or maybe Big Brother will air an episode on Halloween where they can play up the theme.

The start date for the BB24 cast was revealed at the end of May 2022, so CBS and the production team may be close to another big announcement.

Big Brother 25 will air on CBS.

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