Frenchie comes out in support of Janelle’s Big Brother 25 thoughts

Frenchie Big Brother 23
Brandon “Frenchie” French played on the Big Brother 23 cast. Pic credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

Big Brother 25 has become a hot topic recently.

And that has included former houseguests talking about the BB25 cast.

Four-time player Janelle Pierzina railed against recent houseguests, stating that many people aren’t even trying to win the game.

She feels some newer houseguests have been content with simply making it to the jury phase.

Many Big Brother fans have agreed with her sentiments, helping to push BB25 to trending status on Twitter.

And now, another former houseguest has come to Janelle’s defense, where he suggested that the game is ready for a new era.

Frenchie shares his support for Janelle

Brandon “Frenchie” French was on the Big Brother 23 cast. He played the game hard right out of the gate, which led to him being a target in Week 2. After enjoying life as the first Head of Household on BB23, Frenchie got sent home before The Cookout took over the summer.

Frenchie has been very active on Twitter after his time in the Big Brother house, frequently sharing thoughts about the game. Now, he has echoed some of the things Janelle has been saying.

“Janelle’s comments are on point. This Instagram phase is getting old. You don’t have to make jury to be remembered,” Frenchie began a tweet featuring a GIF of Janelle frustrated on the Big Brother live feeds.

“You just have to make an impact and be entertaining. This ‘I just want to make Judy for insta money’ is complete bs and were all over it #bb25 I stand by her,” Frenchie wrote to close out his tweet.

Frenchie referred to the jury in his post, where houseguests continue to get paid, even while residing in the jury house (a mansion) for the rest of the summer.

Big Brother 25 arrives this summer

With a new season of the show arriving this summer, rumors about the theme and the new cast have surfaced again on social media.

Recently, a rumor about the Big Brother 25 theme suggested there might be some returning houseguests this summer.

And now some rumors about people contacted to be on the BB25 cast have also come up. It has led to many debates among fans about who should get a second chance at that big cash prize.

To go back and watch Janelle Pierzina play on the two All-Star seasons or to enjoy Frenchie playing on Big Brother 24, fans can stream those episodes through Paramount+.

Big Brother 25 will air in the summer of 2023 on CBS.

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