Xavier Prather jokes about looking like Cyborg after going through extensive surgeries

Xavier Prather up close
Xavier Prather will be shedding tears on Big Brother: Reindeer Games. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23 winner Xavier Prather looks like he may have been through a war.

Xavier updated his fans and followers on how he has been doing following his extensive surgeries.

He also put a humorous spin on things, comparing his new look to Cyborg from DC Comics.

Last month, Xavier revealed he had a torn Achilles, a fractured ankle, and a broken wrist.

This meant a lot of time in the hospital before an extensive recovery process.

The good news is that he appears to be on the road to recovery.

Xavier Prather returns to Instagram

On his Instagram page, Xavier shared a new photo with his arm in a sling and his leg attached to an extensive crutch.

At first, it appears he is missing part of his leg. This led to some worried responses in the comments section.

However, his leg is bent at the knee to keep all weight off of his ankle and foot.

The second photo of the post is one of Cyborg so that readers can do a side-by-side comparison.

Jokes and support from Big Brother alums

Many Big Brother alums have commented on the post from Xavier. Some people were shocked by his image, while others offered some jokes.

“Good luck on the recovery! I totally thought you had lost your leg in the picture,” wrote Rachel Swindler from Big Brother 20.

“YES NOW I CAN BEAT YOU IN A COMP ! Perfect ?,” Derek Frazier from Big Brother 23 joked.

“The fact that you pull this off is incredible… Mr.incredible‼️” BB23’s Christian Birkenberger wrote.

“I had to look at this pic twice, you almost scared me. I’m glad you’re doing well,” posted fellow Cookout member Tiffany Mitchell.

Comments On Xavier Post
Big Brother alums have commented on Xavier’s post. Pic credit: @xaviereprather/Instagram

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