Big Brother recap: BB23 showmances, Wildcard winner, and Week 3 nominees revealed

Xavier Episode 8 BB23
Xavier was featured during his first episode of Big Brother 23 as the Head of Household. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23, Episode 8 aired on Sunday night. Xavier Prather is the new Head of Household.

It was time for CBS viewers to find out what happened at the latest Wildcard Competition, as well as who Xavier nominated for eviction.

The recap for the previous episode began by covering everything that led up to Frenchie getting evicted from the Big Brother house.

He was the second member of the BB23 cast to get sent home — the first one was Travis Long — and Frenchie has given a lot of extra interviews that you can watch here.

Xavier had the first Diary Room session of the episode where he spoke about being worried about the Wildcard Competition.

Britini D’Angelo had a Diary Room session as well, where she celebrated surviving the block during Week 2 and then presumed her own safety while Xavier is Head of Household.

Team Kings celebrated that Xavier had won because they were all safe for the week. That team also has Alyssa Lopez, Christian Birkenberger, and Sarah Beth Steagall on it.

The episode featured a segment showing Team Kings and Team Queens (Kyland Young, Claire Rehfuss, and Tiffany Mitchell) finalizing their alliance again.

Team Kings and Team Queens, combined with Derek Xiao as the Royal Flush alliance.

Big Brother 23, Episode 8 recap

A lot of time toward the beginning of the episode was spent showing Brent Champagne making cringy comments in the house and several houseguests speaking about how bad his ego has been this season.

Xavier said during a DR session that “at this point in time, everybody in the house wants Brent gone.”

Tiffany was shown coaxing Xavier to put Brent and Whitney Williams up on the block. Xavier said that he was ready to do what he had to do, but wasn’t going to commit out loud about his ultimate plans.

In a DR, Xavier said that he had really good relationships with Britini and Whitney, but he may have to put up one of them as a pawn against Brent.

Big Brother 23 showmances

Some time was finally spent on the Big Brother 23 showmances that have been forming in the house. Hannah Chaddha and Derek Xiao started out the segment, showing how cute they are together on the Big Brother live feeds.

It was then time to start showing Alyssa Lopez and Christian Birkenberger getting together. They have been doing a lot of relationship-type things in the BB23 house, and here are some clips of Alyssa and Christian making out.

Week 3 Big Brother Wildcard Competition

Team Jokers sent Britini into the Week 3 Wildcard Competition, Team Aces sent in Derek Xiao, and Team Queens sent Tiffany in.

The trio would be playing for safety, but Tiff and Derek X already had a plan in place, with Derek trying intentionally to throw the challenge to Tiff so that they could get Brent sent home.

The trio played at the same time and had to cross a balance beam to play cards on an opponent. The object of the game was to get their score up to 13 total by playing three cards on them and they would be eliminated.

Britini had a chance to eliminate Derek but got confused. She was then eliminated by Tiff and Derek. Later, Derek threw the challenge to Tiff but played it off like he was still trying to win.

Tiffany won the Wildcard Competition, but in order to take safety, she had to allow two random players from the two other teams to also gain safety.

That could have made eviction targets safe, so Tiffany decided to not accept safety for herself.

Xavier hosts a Big Brother Nomination Ceremony

Ahead of the Nomination Ceremony, Azah saw Britini was going to be a target for nominations and she volunteered to go up instead of Britini. Xavier was never really going to consider that.

Then a segment was shown where Xavier tried to convince Brent to go up on the block as a pawn. Brent got really worried.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Xavier Prather nominated Brent Champagne and Britini D’Angelo for eviction.

That brings an end to the Big Brother 23, Episode 8 recap, but for readers who want to jump ahead, we have the Week 3 Power of Veto results for Big Brother 23 here.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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