Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans engaged: Big Brother 20 couple getting married

Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans BB20
Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans met on BB20. Pic credit: CBS

Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans from Big Brother 20 are engaged to be married. The big news was just shared on their YouTube page with a cute video showing off the entire process that Tyler went through to make it happen.

Last week, some false rumors had gone around about Tyler and Angela breaking up. The couple refuted those rumors and even posted a fresh photo kissing at the beach to let their fans know that everything was all right.

Now, the news is going around on social media that they are engaged after Tyler set up an elaborate proposal on the beach. He even staged a fake water rescue while they were filming content for their page so that Angela wouldn’t know what was coming.

Tyler films elaborate marriage proposal to Angela

“I can’t really express in words how much Angela means to me,” Tyler states in the video. “I feel like ever since we met, I’ve lived like four or five completed dream lives.”

He goes on to say that “she’s the one” in the video before showing what took place when he proposed to Angela.

Below is the full video, which begins with Tyler talking about his plans, then Tyler talking about when he asked Angela’s dad for permission to propose, and finally the point where he proposes to Angela.

There are a lot of tears in the video and it confirms that this Big Brother couple is now ready to go the distance. Any fans of Angela or Tyler should definitely check out the video because it’s well worth the watch.

Could we see a Big Brother wedding in the future? It’s definitely possible, especially with how active Tyler and Angela continue to be on social media and through their YouTube videos.

After meeting as members of the BB20 cast, where Tyler finished in second place and Angela finished in fourth place, Tyler returned to play the game again as a member of the BB22 cast. He came up short of winning but was pretty happy to return home to Angela.

More news from the world of Big Brother

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Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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Linda Malnati
Linda Malnati
3 years ago

I Have never seen a more Beautiful Engagement video than this one. Angela and Tyler Congratulations and I know you Both will always be Together forever. Tyler what an amazing Boyfriend you have been to Angela. Well thought out and Planned. You Both were Made for Each other. Blessings and Love Forever.