Big Brother: Tyler Crispen, Angela Rummans prove breakup rumors were false with new photo

Angela And Tyler Together
Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen want their fans to know that they are still together. Pic credit: Tangela/YouTube

Big Brother couple Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans were pretty shocked when they saw stories online stating that they had broken up.

After quickly posting a short video of them eating breakfast and stating that the breakup rumors were just fake online stories, they have posted a new photo online.

As we reported yesterday, there were questionable posts being made on social media stating that Angela cheated on Tyler and it led to the couple breaking up.

There was even a report online that the couple had been separated since December. Now, it seems the couple is making an extra effort to show that they are still living together and that they remain madly in love.

Tyler and Angela post new photos

The post below was shared by Angela and it has the couple kissing at the beach. Tyler immediately commented on it, writing, “You so beautiful.”

Haleigh Broucher, who was also on the Big Brother 20 season with them, tried to insert some humor into the situation by writing, “This was pre-shot.” She later wrote, “my favorites.”

Kaycee Clark, the Big Brother 20 winner, stopped by to write, “Love love love.”

In addition to all the former houseguests who left their supportive comments, many fans and followers also chimed in with kind words to say.

The post already has almost 20,000 likes.

Tyler and Angela met as BB20 cast members

It was during the summer 2018 season of the show that Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans were cast to be on Big Brother. They formed a quick bond and were part of a strong six-person alliance that controlled most of the game.

A showmance developed between Tyler and Angela that ended up leading to a long-term romance outside of the house. The couple now lives together and has an active business. Angela has even published a vegan cookbook since her time in the game.

When Tyler returned to play Big Brother 22, he often spoke about Angela and how much he missed her. And Angela frequently posted her support of Tyler through Twitter posts and YouTube videos.

If there is ever another season of Big Brother where couples or teams compete together, Tyler and Angela would be a great team to see playing the game again.

And speaking of new seasons of the show, the casting for Big Brother 23 is currently underway. Things could look a lot different in the Big Brother house this summer.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.