Big Brother 23 cast: New person in place to help select BB23 players?

BB22 Cast Living Room
A new Big Brother cast will take over the house this summer. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 23 cast is getting put together to play the game this summer. The people who make the cut for the BB23 cast will begin by meeting the casting director and getting forwarded on to the producers.

Robyn Kass, who has served as the Big Brother casting director for years, just announced that she has left the position to explore different career opportunities.

Robyn’s exit means that someone new is stepping into the position or that someone new will be covering her duties for the time being.

There are currently a number of online rumors about the person now covering the role of casting director for the show and it could be a familiar face to long-time die-hard fans.

Who is serving as the Big Brother casting director?

Rumors popping up on Twitter and Reddit suggest that Jesse Tannenbaum is now helping to put together the Big Brother 23 cast.

Jesse was the casting director for Big Brother Over the Top, which was the entirely online season that CBS rolled out in fall 2016.

BBOTT provided live feeds, had all of its episodes online, and allowed live feed subscribers to vote on what was taking place during the game and who would win it. Thirteen people participated in the Big Brother spin-off and Morgan Willett was the winner.

One of the twists of BBOTT was that sisters were invited to play, with Alex Willett going on the show without knowing Morgan was also part of the cast.

Many fans of Big Brother thought that the BBOTT cast was impressive, so this could be a good hint that Jesse would be able to put together a good cast (if he truly has the job).

People can still apply to play on the Big Brother 23 cast

Having a new casting director isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Robyn held the job for many years and having someone new in the role could help breathe some freshness into future casts.

Big Brother applications are still open for anyone who wants to try to compete for that $500,000 this summer. It’s an opportunity that many people have seemingly been preparing for with self-isolation during 2020.

It’s also important to note that the BB23 cast is going to be a lot different than in the past. CBS has revealed a new policy intended to increase diversity on all of its reality competition shows. This will lead to at least 50 percent of the Big Brother 2021 cast being people of color.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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