Tyler Crispen from Big Brother to star in a new movie

Tyler Crispen On BB22
Big Brother star Tyler Crispen is going to star in a new movie. Pic credit: CBS

Tyler Crispen from Big Brother 20 and Big Brother 22 just shared an Instagram video where he revealed some big news.

According to Tyler, he has been cast as the lead in a new movie that will begin filming soon.

“All right guys. Here it is. I’m at the beach right now, just because it is super fitting for this,” Tyler starts out the video shared below.

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“So, I’m stoked. I’m pumped. I’m excited to announce that I’ve been offered and accepted the leading role in an upcoming film called The Queen’s Jewels,” Tyler continued. “I will be playing Beau. He is a small-town surfer on the Treasure Coast and this story actually revolves around real history of the Treasure Coast.”

Tyler goes on to share more details about the film and his excitement about doing it in the video below.

Tyler Crispen to star in The Queen’s Jewels

“I know the transition from reality to film is not an easy path, but when I first read this story and started to discover who Beau was, I knew this was a role & challenge I could truly get behind. The fact that this story is based around the true history of the Treasure Coast of Florida really struck me and gives it such a depth,” reads part of the caption that Tyler attached to the video.

“At the same time, there’s an an added pressure to tell this story the right way. I’m extremely honored to be able to work with such a dedicated team to make this happen,” Tyler continued.

Already, quite a few other former houseguests have left messages of support on the social media post. Those people include fiance Angela Rummans, Rachel Swindler from the BB20 cast, Nick Maccarone from the BB21 cast, and Big Brother All-Stars 2 winner Cody Calafiore.

Big Brother 23 coming soon to CBS

A new season of Big Brother is slated to begin this summer on CBS. The BB23 cast will begin playing the game on July 7, with early indications that Big Brother fans will get to watch a live move-in episode.

We should learn the names of the new houseguests before the end of June and the producers have already stated that it will be an entirely new cast playing the game this time. Having no returning players could play right into the theme and we can’t wait to hear what host Julie Chen Moonves has to say about it all.

Here is a link to everything we know about Big Brother 23 so far, and we cannot wait until July 7 arrives and the players start the game. By that point, we might even be able to see the baby that Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo expect to arrive this summer.

When we learn more about Tyler Crispen’s new movie, we will make sure to pass on that information as well. It sounds like a story that is right in his wheelhouse, so it will be interesting to see how he handles the transition from reality television to film. He won’t be the first Big Brother houseguest to make that jump, as Cody Calafiore also has a new movie out.

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Big Brother 23 debuts on July 7 on CBS.

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