Big Brother 23 rumors: Live feeds, a live move-in, and first eviction news

BB22 Live Move-In
A live move-in worked great with the Big Brother 22 cast during the summer 2020 season. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23 rumors are all over social media, with a lot of them pointing to a completely new group of houseguests.

Having the BB23 cast be constructed completely with new people will help breathe some new air into the franchise and that could be a good thing.

It looks like there will be 16 houseguests playing Big Brother 23 and Julie Chen Moonves is going to be returning as the host.

Julie has already been teasing fans on social media, even posting a behind-the-scenes look at a photoshoot she was doing.

As for the Big Brother 23 start date, CBS has revealed that it will take place on Wednesday, July 7. That’s when the television audience will get to see the 2021 season begin.

Big Brother 23 season premiere details

There are also a lot of smaller details that have been coming out on social media thanks to Twitter user SpoilerGirl1. The account has been known for revealing a lot of spoilers about Big Brother and the CBS soap operas in the past. Most of the time she gets the information correct, which adds some validity to each successive post from the account.

While the following information is not official since it wasn’t released or confirmed by CBS, it all makes sense and we think that it could end up being correct. There are still a few weeks until the season premiere arrives, so things could still shift a bit as well.

It looks like there is going to be another live move-in episode for the Big Brother cast. This is something that was done with the BB22 cast and it added an extra layer of excitement to how things were done. It also meant that there wasn’t a lot of pre-season taping being done in order to have footage for the first few episodes.

Below is a video of how the live move-in looked for the Big Brother 2020 season.

No first-night eviction for BB23 cast

It also looks like the first-night evictions have become a thing of the past. In several past seasons, houseguests have been voted out or eliminated on the first day, but that appears to have come to an end. This is great news because it never seemed fair to send someone out the door before they even got a chance to really play the game.

The return of the Big Brother live feeds

It appears that CBS is bringing back the Big Brother live feeds and that they will be turned on the first night of the season. Experimenting with that during the Big Brother 22 season really worked well, as live feed subscribers got to see the early chats taking place between the cast members. Bringing that back for the BB23 cast will definitely help fans get more invested in the new people and start cheering for them from Day one.

As we previously reported, it appears that the Big Brother 23 season is going to be shorter than normal, so allowing the fans to have access to the live feeds immediately is a great decision.

And as a reminder, the online platform is no longer called CBS All Access, as it has moved over to being Paramount+.

Big Brother 2021 season debuts July 7 on CBS.

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