Big Brother 23 cast: Spoilers possibly revealed about houseguests

BB22 Playing Game
A new Big Brother cast will soon be playing the game hosted by Julie Chen Moonves. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 23 cast will be playing the game this summer, and it has been advertised that this will be an entirely new group of houseguests.

We won’t be seeing a lot of returnees like producers did with the Big Brother 22 cast. Instead, we are getting ready for some fresh faces that could make the new season very enjoyable.

Little by little, information has been coming out about what the Big Brother 2021 cast will look like. That has included the revelation of the Big Brother start date arriving on July 7.

Now, we may have learned more about the makeup of the Big Brother 23 cast, including how many men and/or women will be playing the game this time.

Possible Big Brother 23 cast spoilers posted

A social media user who goes by the name SpoilerGirl1 has been revealing a lot of information about the show’s new season. She has done this in the past and routinely lets fans know what is going to be happening. Her information typically turns out to be accurate, creating a lot of buzz for the show and letting fans know some information earlier than usual.

Recently, SpoilerGirl1 let us know when we are likely to learn the names of the Big Brother 23 cast members. And now, she has revealed what the tentative makeup of the BB23 cast is going to be for this summer. The Twitter post below breaks it down, including the revelation of the genders and races for them.

Keep in mind that none of this has been confirmed yet, but it appears in line with the efforts at CBS for the reality competition shows to have more people of color from this point forward.

Possible BB23 cast makeup

  • 3 Black women
  • 2 Black men
  • 1 Latina woman
  • 1 Latino man
  • 1 Middle Eastern or Asian man
  • 1 Biracial female
  • 4 White men
  • 3 White women
SpoilerGirl BB23 Cast
The possible BB23 cast makeup for summer 2021. Pic credit: @SpoilerGirl1/Twitter

Big Brother 23 is now on the horizon

The new cast will be playing the game when July arrives, and then it is off to the races with this new group of people. It’s exciting to think about how close we are to getting an entirely new cast to watch play the game.

Here’s to hoping that the CBS live feeds aren’t down as much as they were during the Big Brother 2020 season and that there are a lot of interesting new characters to keep our attention through July, August, and September.

Julie Chen Moonves is back as the Big Brother host, and she has already been teasing fans on social media. Julie has always been good at helping increase the buzz for a new season of the show, and she is back to doing that.

Big Brother 23 returns to CBS on July 7.

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