Big Brother 2021 start date revealed by CBS for BB23 cast

Julie Chen BB23
Big Brother 23 will be hosted by Julie Chen Moonves during summer 2021. Pic credit: Bill Inoshita/CBS

The Big brother 23 start date was just revealed. We can now put it on the calendar, as CBS made the announcement that fans have been waiting to hear for months.

Though the names of the BB23 cast members aren’t known yet, with some rumors stating that the houseguests haven’t all been chosen yet, at least we now know when the first Big Brother 2021 episode is going to air on CBS.

“Mark your calendars! #BB23 premieres Wednesday, July 7 on @CBS,” reads a new Twitter post that was just shared with all of the fans. It’s creating a lot of buzz on social media already – and that was the intent all along.

Now, we can start really looking forward to the new season of the show, as it becomes much easier to do when we know the Big Brother start date. While it starts a bit later than we had hoped (early indications presented a June start date), it is still much earlier than the August start of Big Brother 22.

Big Brother announcement on social media

Below is the post that just went up on the Big Brother social media accounts. It shows off a smiling Julie Chen Moonves, who will be returning to host another season of the hit reality competition show.

Julie Chen Moonves posts about Big Brother announcement

Almost immediately after CBS and Big Brother made their show announcements, Julie Chen Moonves took to her own social media accounts to jump in on the action.

She posted the GIF below with the caption, “Hey #BB23 See you soon.”

When will we get to meet the BB23 cast?

It looks like some new Big Brother spoilers have been revealed about the new houseguests. We may learn the names of the BB23 cast members on June 30. That would be a week before the season premiere, giving fans a lot of time to digest the names, faces, and bios of everyone who will be playing the game this summer.

We may also get a live move-in episode again on July 7, which worked pretty well with the Big Brother 22 cast. It ramped up the level of excitement that fans got to experience right out of the gate, and it also meant that there wasn’t a lot of filming done before the first episode premiered.

Soon, CBS and the producers should also be revealing the theme for the show this summer, and we are hoping that it is something unique that hasn’t been done before. Expect a lot of news like that to start coming out now that CBS has finally announced when we can watch the Big Brother 23 season premiere.

Big Brother returns to CBS on July 7.