How many days will Big Brother 23 be during summer 2021?

BB22 Cast Comp
The Big Brother 23 cast will soon be playing its first Head of Household Competition. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother Season 23 arrives this summer on CBS and a new group of houseguests will be competing for the $500,000 prize.

Recently, a tentative look at the BB23 cast was posted on social media, giving fans an early peek at some details about the 16 houseguests before they start playing the game.

We also learned that the Big Brother start date is arriving on July 7. That’s how close we are to watching another long summer of the hit reality competition.

Typically, a season of Big Brother lasts around 100 days, but the BB23 cast may be playing a shorter version of it this year.

How long is Big Brother 23 season?

As we mentioned, the Big Brother 23 season premiere is on the night of Wednesday, July 7. And some new information posted on social media indicates that the season finale could take place on Wednesday, September 29.

Working out the math, that would mean this Big Brother season would last about 85 days, likely leading right into the Survivor 41 premiere on September 29.

It was a spoiler account on Twitter that posted this possible information about the length of the Big Brother 23 season. The person who runs the account routinely puts out information about upcoming seasons of Big Brother and soap operas that air on CBS, giving people a heads up about what is coming. It’s not official information, but she is typically spot on about the tidbits that get released.

Below is a post from SpoilerGirl1 that addresses the potential season premiere and season finale for the BB23 cast. It was posted in response to a question asked by a fan about the length of the season.

BB23 Length
The Big Brother 23 season will run for most of the summer on CBS. Pic credit: @SpoilerGirl1/Twitter

When will we learn the names of the Big Brother 23 cast?

It had looked like we were getting very close to learning the names of the Big Brother 23 cast members, but that may still take a bit of time. The BB23 cast list will likely end up getting released about a week before the season premiere, which will give the network a lot of time to continue creating buzz for the new installment.

If the information that was posted on social media is correct, then we will learn who the players are on June 30. That still seems like a long way off on the calendar, but it gives the producers enough time to settle on the cast, do the preseason filming, and make sure that everyone goes through the quarantine process so that they are safe in the Big Brother house this summer.

We are hoping that more information about the Big Brother 2021 theme gets released in the coming weeks and that it is a unique one that hasn’t been tried before. What we do know is that it won’t involve bringing back people who have already played the game and that there were five possible themes that were being discussed.

Stay tuned folks, because we are slowly creeping toward when Big Brother takes over our televisions again.

Big Brother 23 debuts on July 7 at CBS.

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