Big Brother 21 houseguest Nick Maccarone becoming a father

Nick On BB21
Nick Maccarone appeared on the Big Brother 2019 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Nick Maccarone from the Big Brother 21 cast revealed that he is going to soon be a father.

The news was surprising to many Big Brother fans, not just because he and his girlfriend are expecting a baby, but because it wasn’t public knowledge that he even had a new girlfriend.

Nick was famously involved in simultaneous showmances as part of the BB21 cast. First, he was in a showmance with Bella Wang, who got voted out early. Then, during a jury segment, viewers were shocked to see he had started a new relationship with Kat Dunn in the jury house while Bella was at home.

Nick and Kat reportedly tried to make it work in the real world, but the relationship didn’t last too much longer. Since then, Kat has been linked to Reality Steve and another mystery man in her personal life.

As for his girlfriend’s name, that appears to be Heather Bonato, who also shared the same photo to her Instagram page when Nick made his announcement.

On her Instagram page, Heather states that she is a realtor.

“I’ve been kinda MIA & sleepy lately for a reason! Our Baby is coming October 2021. We’re so excited to welcome our baby into the world, this year! I can’t wait to meet you, beautiful child of mine❤️?? #plottwist #lifesgreatestgift,” Heather wrote on her Instagram page.

Nick makes baby announcement on Instagram

“Baby Maccarone due in October of 2021!! I cannot put into words how excited I am, not just to become a father, but to continue to grow and mature, and start a new journey in life,” Nick captioned a post to his Instagram page.

A few other former Big Brother houseguests have already stopped by his post to leave well-wishes. That includes Holly Allen from BB21, Elena Davies from BB19, Rachel Swindler from BB20, Christie Murphy from BB21, and Nicole Anthony from BB21 and BB22. Alex Willett from Big Brother: Over the Top even stopped by.

Big Brother returns this summer

A new season of Big Brother is slated to air on CBS this summer. The BB23 cast should begin playing the game in the month of June and it will be exciting to see some fresh new faces getting introduced by host Julie Chen Moonves.

A new casting director, some new policies from CBS on how to construct the cast, and a full summer of episodes should all lend to creating a memorable season. We should soon be learning the theme and then it’s only a matter of time until the BB23 cast members start getting introduced.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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