Big Brother: Over the Top 2 could be smart Paramount+ content

Morgan BBOTT
Morgan Willett became the first winner of Big Brother: Over the Top. Pic credit: CBS

It’s time for another season of Big Brother Over The Top. With the new Paramount+ and its push for original reality content, it would be the perfect time to debut Big Brother: Over the Top 2.

For newer fans to the world of Big Brother, Over the Top was a spin-off that CBS tried in fall 2016. The season was done entirely online through CBS All Access and worked by having fans involved in a lot of the decision-making.

BBOTT worked as a great fall season of Big Brother, allowing fans to keep enjoying the franchise between summer seasons. Some fans didn’t enjoy it, but the majority of people who tuned in loved watching the show play out with a new format.

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Now, nearly five years since BBOTT debuted on CBS, it could be the perfect opportunity for Big Brother: Over the Top 2 to debut during the first year of Paramount+.

What is Paramount+ and why would Big Brother fit?

In March 2021, CBS All Access is going away and in its place will be Paramount+. The streaming service will provide all of the previous CBS content, but quite a bit more as well. One of the primary focuses of the service will be reality shows.

Announcements have already been made that Road Rules will return a new season debuting on Paramount+ and so will The Real World and The Challenge with new incarnations. With all of those reality shows getting a boost by Paramount+, why not BBOTT as well?


How did Big Brother: Over the Top work?

The BBOTT cast consisted of 12 new houseguests and one returning one that America voted on. The fans chose Jason Roy to return after playing on Big Brother 17, and he ended up finishing in second place on this new spin-off.

After an HOH got chosen to start the season, a Safety Ceremony had the HOH determine a predetermined number of people who were safe for the week. A second Safety Ceremony took place the next day, with all but two people finding themselves safe. The two people left became the nominees.

Each week, America also got to name a nominee, meaning that there were three people facing eviction at a time. It was an interesting wrinkle that showcased how the live feed subscribers could impact the game. America was also considered one person when it came to eviction votes, giving the viewers a chance to further impact the game.

At the end of Big Brother: Over the Top Season 1, America decided between the final three houseguests who they felt should win the cash price. Morgan Willett was named the $250,000 winner, Jason Roy was the runner-up, and Krystina “Kryssie” Ridolfi finished in third place.

BB: OTT - The Ball Smashers Go Out Swinging

During the season, the fans also got to give out special powers that could shake up the game, presenting an added level of excitement.

With the season entirely online, it meant that more content was available and that live feed subscribers got to actually watch more competitions take place live. It was a very different way of presenting the show that had its good points and bad points, but there were quite a few die-hard fans who would like to see it happen again.

Maybe fall 2021 would be the perfect time for Paramount+ to air a new season of Big Brother: Over the Top.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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