Big Brother All-Stars: Morgan Willett from BBOTT should get invited to play if BB22 cast is returners

Morgan BBOTT
Morgan Willett won Big Brother Over the Top in 2016. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother All-Stars rumors continue to float around with the potential that former houseguests could return to be part of the Big Brother 22 cast this summer.

There is a lot of debate about which houseguests should be invited back, which former winners would want to compete again, and which cast members should be left off the list.

One name that doesn’t get mentioned that often, but one that should come up, is Morgan Willett.

Who is Morgan Willett?

Morgan Willett was the Big Brother Over the Top winner. BBOTT was a season done completely online in the fall of 2016. Everything was done through the live feeds, including a lot of fan involvement with voting.

A lot of the show worked in the same way as the version that is shown on CBS, but there were definitely some big differences, including the fact that nearly everything was done live instead of through pre-taping.

Not every fan of Big Brother tuned in to watch the quick season that played out over 65 days. Producers did bring back a familiar face, though, as they let viewers vote on whether Jason Roy from Big Brother 17 or Jozea Flores from Big Brother 18 would get to play the game. Jason won the vote.

Morgan actually entered with a secret sister, as Alex Willett was also there to play the game. They tried to keep their relationship under wraps for as long as they could. They also helped put together a very strong alliance that nearly stayed together until the very end.

Morgan ended up winning the season, with Jason and Kryssie Ridolfi both finishing as runner-ups in the final three. For becoming the BBOTT winner, Morgan took home a nice $250,000 prize.

Should Morgan Willett be on Big Brother 22 cast?

Morgan definitely proved that she had what it took to last an entire season in the Big Brother house. Even though the online season of BBOTT was a bit shorter than a summer installment, she still emerged as the winner.

It would be very interesting to see how Morgan could do in a summer version of the show and if she could succeed against other people who have played the show before. She did it once by beating out Jason Roy, but he wasn’t that strong on the BB17 cast.

CBS has not commented on the rumors of an All-Stars season or the purported cast list that Evel Dick Donato has been sharing online. The good news, though, is that CBS has revealed smaller casting details and also issued an official statement that the network is working hard to get the season on TV.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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Debbie Morgan
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