Big Brother 2020 cast heads to final stage of selection in huge BB22 news

Julie Chen Thinks
Host Julie Chen is returning with the Big Brother 22 cast. Pic credit: ET/YouTube

Big Brother 2020 cast rumors were just addressed in a huge way. News about the BB22 cast was revealed by Robyn Kass and it has the internet buzzing.

Earlier in the week, confirmation came from CBS that the network was trying to get the reality competition show back on TV for this summer.

With the news that fans could start getting excited about the Big Brother 2020 season, it was time to start hypothesizing about what might happen with the BB22 cast.

A new Big Brother cast

Now, fans have a really huge piece of information to focus on, as Big Brother casting director Robyn Kass took to social media to update everyone.

As displayed in the Twitter post that is shared below, Robyn shared that the semi-finalists for the BB22 cast have now been notified.

What does this all mean? It means that the production team is nearly at the end of the selection process when it comes to deciding who will get to play in the reality competition next.

Fans already reacting to Big Brother 2020 cast news

While we don’t know any of the names that are being considered for the BB22 cast, there have already been a lot of jokes posted on social media about who might be in consideration. A lot of posts also expressed excitement about when the summer start date will take place.

The bad news is that there were also a lot of people with some negative things to say about what might happen. That includes several viewers who have been frustrated with the casting process.

The first one shared below was responded to by former Big Brother houseguest McCrae Olson from the BB15 cast.

Even more Big Brother cast news

While we are all waiting for the Big Brother 2020 cast to officially be revealed, there has been some really huge news getting posted online from former houseguests.

Big Brother winner Rachel Reilly and husband Brendon Villegas are expecting another baby and they revealed the big news on social media.

Big Brother 19 houseguests and winners of The Amazing Race — Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson — posted a gender reveal video announcing that they would be having another daughter.

Back to what might take place during summer 2020 – it appears that we are all one step closer to seeing the Big Brother 22 cast begin the game. We likely won’t get another large update until June, but it’s very exciting to think about CBS working hard to be season-ready should the country emerge from the health crisis soon.

Big Brother 2020 should air on CBS during the summer.

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4 years ago

I wish they would stop casting return players. Let’s see some different cast for a change. Are there that few eligible new applicants that we have to keep watching the same people over and over?