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Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas from Big Brother are expecting another baby

Rachel Big Brother
Rachel Reilly is a Big Brother legend. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother alums Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas are expecting another baby!

The couple shared the great news on social media, letting the world know that their daughter was about to become a big sister.

Mother’s Day was particularly special for Rachel this year, as she took to Instagram to let her friends and fans know the great news.

After appearing several times on Big Brother and then taking their shot on The Amazing Race, Rachel and Brendon have been working hard on a family.

A new Big Brother baby!

The couple already has a beautiful daughter, and now they are going to add another face to their little family. Their four-year-old daughter, Adora Borealis, shared the moment of celebration with them.

The photo below is one that Rachel shared on Instagram, and it lets the world know that she is currently pregnant.

She captioned the photo by saying “OH Baby!!! WELCOME BRENCHEL BABY #2! 💕 Happy Mother’s Day! We have a lot to celebrate this year 😍 As a mom it’s my day to celebrate Adora & OMG baby #2!! 🙌🤰 I can’t believe I’m pregnant!”

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OH Baby!!! WELCOME BRENCHEL BABY #2! 💕 Happy Mother’s Day! We have a lot to celebrate this year 😍 As a mom it’s my day to celebrate Adora & OMG baby #2!! 🙌🤰 I can’t believe I’m pregnant! We’ve been trying for a while to have another and just wanted to do a special shout out for the bracelet and app from @avawomen because after our first cycle using them, we got pregnant! It tracks your cycle and lets you know based on psychological changes in your breathing, heart rate and temperature when you’re ovulating and when the 5 best days to conceive are! You can only guess what happened from there 😉 Did you know that the 2-3 days before ovulation are when you have the best chance of getting pregnant ladies?! That’s a short window!! I can also use Ava to track my pregnancy 🤰 and measure all the little details throughout!❤️🙌 I can’t wait for what this pregnancy has in store for us!!!! Check out my article in @people for more details about what it’s like being pregnant in quarantine and how this pregnancy has been so much different from my first, especially being over 35 now 😲 Use code RACHELRV for $20 off your purchase until the end of the summer ☀️ Link in bio 😎#avapartner

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For new fans to the world of Big Brother, Rachel and Brendon are veterans of the game.

Rachel and Brendon first appeared as members of the Big Brother 12 cast, but they were invited back as a couple to compete on Big Brother 13 as well.

Rachel was also named the Big Brother 13 winner, as she beat out some pretty big names that were also taking part in the duo twist.

The BB13 cast also included runner-up Porsche Briggs, Jeff Schroeder, Jordan Lloyd, Daniele Donato, Dick Donato, Adam Poch, and Dominic Briones.

Later, the couple would also appear on The Amazing Race, with Rachel returning to play with her sister in another season.

Now, fans are getting the chance to celebrate the amazing baby revelation with Rachel and Brendon. Soon enough, we are all going to get to see some cute baby photos.

More Big Brother baby news!

We also reported on the great news that was revealed by Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson.

The Big Brother 19 alums are also expecting another baby! They, too, took to Instagram to reveal the huge news and share it with the world.

With the help of another member of the BB19 cast, the couple did a gender reveal on YouTube. It was a lot of fun to watch, and now fans are celebrating the big news with them as well.

As for Big Brother 22 and whether or not it will take place during summer 2020, we still don’t know for sure. Casting calls had to be canceled, but some applications had already been submitted.

Big Brother USA is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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