Big Brother: All-Stars? Casting calls canceled by show

Julie And Tommy
Tommy Bracco of Big Brother 21 with host Julie Chen. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Big Brother: All-Stars rumors have surfaced again. But this time, they might make a lot of sense.

CBS has announced that all casting calls have been canceled or postponed for the Big Brother 22 cast.

This is a big deal, as it is getting close to the time when producers for the show have to start making final choices for the summer 2020 season.

As we previously reported, people who want to take part in the next season of the show have until April 3 to apply online.

There are also supposed to be open casting calls, where producers and staff can meet with people who want the chance to compete on the show.

If the delay and cancellation of casting calls drag out too much longer, then it might be close to impossible to put together an entirely new group of people to be on the Big Brother 22 cast.

Do fans want to see Big Brother: All-Stars?

It’s no secret that viewers are split on what they want to see when it comes to people entering the Big Brother house.

Some want entirely new casts that don’t bring back former houseguests, and some would love to see a new Big Brother: All-Stars season.

Big Brother 7 featured stars of the past

It’s been a long time since the reality competition show has had an All-Stars season. It was all the way back on Big Brother 7, where the producers brought back who they felt were the best players from the first six seasons.

Since then, a lot of former houseguests have been brought back through twists, as coaches, as duos, and most often as hosts for Power of Veto Competitions.

It was certainly fun to see how Big Brother 7 played out, and there are a lot of reasons why it could work again.

Quite a few great players have been inside the Big Brother house over the last 15 years, so it would be easy to put a cast together.

When Celebrity Big Brother got canceled, it created a gap in programming that fans of the franchise want to see filled.

Even viewers who might want to see entirely new casts would likely tune in to see how a second full Big Brother: All-Stars might play out.

Stay tuned, because while these are only the latest rumors of the Big Brother 22 cast becoming an All-Stars version, it could definitely become a reality if production needs to get a group together quickly.

Big Brother 22 will air on CBS in summer 2020.

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Sue Sibbert
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