What happens in new Big Brother episode? Fan theories abound

Kirsten BB25 Veto
Kirsten Elwin is at risk of going home on Big Brother 25. Pic credit: CBS

Chaos consumed the Big Brother house this week.

As seen on the live feeds, Luke Valentine used a racial slur that didn’t sit well with many fans.

Big Brother producers expelled Luke from the house the morning after he said it.

The episode schedule continued as planned, with Wednesday night featuring the new veto episode.

Felicia Cannon and Kirsten Elwin ended the night on the block, suggesting one of them was going home soon.

And the Big Brother 25 cast had an eviction plan in place, with many houseguests planning for Week 2.

But having a houseguest kicked out of the game could change things.

What happens next on Big Brother 25?

A new episode of Big Brother airs at 9/8c on August 10. It was supposed to be an eviction night. And twists are expected by many fans.

But when producers shut down the Big Brother live feeds, it suggested Kirsten was about to be saved.

Many Big Brother fans feel Kirsten will be saved — Luke’s exit opened the door for it.

And some Big Brother fans are ecstatic that Kirsten could receive a second chance.

Other fans feel the Eviction Ceremony could still send Kirsten home.

An equal number of Big Brother fans don’t feel good about a wasted week of gameplay.

Reilly Smedley had a difficult week as the Head of Household, and throwing out her week could harm her game.

If Kirsten and Felicia are saved due to Luke’s elimination, Reilly should get to play for Head of Household again.

What could happen during the August 20 episode of Big Brother?

Taylor Hale and Terrance Higgins were on the block during Week 1 of Big Brother 24.

Due to Paloma Aguilar quitting the show, Taylor and Terrance were saved from the block.

The show went on by counting Paloma’s exit as the elimination, and Daniel Durston’s HOH was tossed out.

A similar situation is brewing with Big Brother 25, as the final nominees of Felicia and Kirsten were set when Luke got expelled.

If the production team sticks with the same methodology, Reilly’s HOH may get tossed out on August 10.

Since this is the longest season in Big Brother history, losing two people in the first week could hinder the show.

The other theory getting passed around by Big Brother fans is that more people will join the cast.

Rumors about an 18th houseguest on Big Brother 25 are still going on. And it’s still possible to introduce some new faces.

CBS and Big Brother producers are quiet about what will happen on Thursday night. What we know for sure is that a new episode debuts at 9/8c on August 10.

The Luke expulsion will be addressed, and then pre-taped footage could be used to finish the night.

No matter what happens, the Big Brother live feeds should be very interesting late Thursday night.

Big Brother 25 airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

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Geri Martin
Geri Martin
1 month ago

They both said the same word they both signed the same contract. Both should get the same punishment. Period.

1 month ago

She should be removed from the game to otherwise it’s a double standard not fair if she is not evicted also.