When will the Big Brother live feeds return?

Bowie BB25
Bowie Jane was a lawyer and DJ before joining the Big Brother 25 cast. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

The Big Brother live feeds went offline on August 9 as the producers dealt with a situation.

Early in the morning, BB25 player Luke Valentine used a racial slur that was seen on the live feeds.

There was an immediate reaction from fans on social media, with many asking that Luke be removed from the show.

The producers acted swiftly, expelling Luke from the Big Brother house.

An updated code of conduct policy was recently created for the CBS reality competition shows.

It was announced following Big Brother 22 and impacts Big Brother, Survivor, The Amazing Race, and all other reality competition shows on the network.

When will the Big Brother live feeds get turned back on?

Paramount+ has not announced how it will deal with the live feeds being down.

When Paloma Aguilar quit Big Brother 24 early in the season, the feeds remained off until it could be addressed in an episode.

That might be the case with Big Brother 25. And it could mean that the live feeds aren’t turned on until after the eviction episode.

The first Eviction Ceremony of the season was scheduled for August 10, with that episode airing at 9/8c on CBS.

But with Luke now expelled, the producers may decide to scrap the plans for that night. It could lead to both nominees being saved from the block.

If the feeds are kept offline until then, they would return at roughly 10 p.m. PT/1 a.m. ET on the night of Thursday, August 10.

As for why they might remain down, the producers likely told the houseguests the plan for the week. If the BB25 cast knows there will be no eviction, it would get spoiled by turning the feeds back on.

More spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds

The final nominees for BB25 Week 1 are set, so one could still get evicted on Thursday night.

Hopefully, Reilly Smedley gets to play in the new Head of Household Competition if her week in charge gets thrown out.

Early polls have also revealed the most popular houseguest on Big Brother 25. It also revealed who fans like the least this season. Although, that might change after Luke’s incident.

And Felicia Cannon just destroyed another mic pack.

A free option to watch the Big Brother house feeds is available. It provides another way for fans to watch, and fans don’t have to subscribe to Paramount+.

Big Brother 25 airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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