Luke Valentine says the N-word on Big Brother live feeds

Luke BB25
Former player Luke Valentine started out as part of the Big Brother Summer 2023 cast. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother 25 cast member Luke Valentine said the N-word during the overnight hours.

The live feed cameras picked up the moment early on the morning of August 9.

And so were Luke’s attempts to explain what happened.

Luke called it “a little slip of the tongue” as he spoke to Jared Fields later.

“We were in the cheese room N****,” Luke said in front of several shocked houseguests.

Hisam Goueli and Cory Wurtenberger were not pleased with what Luke had said and shortly left the Have-Not Room.

Luke says the N-word and tries to play it off to Jared

Below are two clips from the early morning hours on August 9.

The first clip show Luke saying the N-word; right before Cory tells him he needs to go to bed.

Viewers are warned that the clip has course language and that Jared immediately reacts to Luke.

Luke then tries to state that he said the N-word in place of “narwhal” (a small arctic whale).

Hisam and Cory got out of that room as quickly as possible.

Luke then turns to Jared and tries to joke about the situation.

Many Big Brother fans upset with Luke

Social media is filling up with posts from Big Brother fans who are upset with Luke.

One fan pointed out how shocked they were to learn the news this morning, all while the person they are rooting for (Kirsten Elwin) is trying to survive the week.

Another Big Brother fan was surprised that Luke’s use of the N-word was taken so lightly at the moment.

“Woke up to see that Luke dropped the n-word…..that is unacceptable….I don’t have words #BB25, wrote Twitter user Angel Barzey.

As for Luke’s excuse that he was trying to use the name of an animal instead of the N-word, many Big Brother fans are not buying it.

Some spoilers from Big Brother 25

The new cast is just about ready for its first Eviction Ceremony.

Reilly Smedley is the first Head of Household, and she left Felicia Cannon and Kirsten Elwin on the block.

Felicia and Kirsten lost their Day One challenge and wound up on the block next to Cory and Jared. But Jared and Cory got saved at the Anti-Nomination Ceremony.

The houseguests then played the first Veto Competition, which led to the final nominees for the week.

And now a BB25 houseguest is at risk of going home during the August 10 Big Brother episode.

Big Brother 25 airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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