The Traitors 3 has finished filming: Reality stars from Big Brother, Survivor, and Real Housewives return home

Alan Cumming is the Traitors Host
Alan Cumming remains the host of The Traitors USA. Pic credit: Peacock

That’s a wrap on The Traitors 3.

The new season of the hit reality competition series has finished filming in Scotland.

Reality TV stars from Survivor, Big Brother, Bachelor Nation, Real Housewives, and many other shows traveled to Scotland to compete for a $250,000 prize pool.

A high bar has been set for the series, especially after the drama and success of the first two installments.

Those initial seasons are streaming on Peacock, where fans can binge them in one weekend if so inclined.

Host Alan Cumming recently teased his selection of Traitors for the new season, helping create fresh buzz for the newish show.

A full cast list for The Traitors 3 was also announced later.

Actor Zac Efron even predicted a winner, advertising his interest in the new season.

The Traitors 3 winner has been determined

New social media posts have confirmed that The Traitors 3 finished filming. It means that the new cast has already named a winner.

With footage in hand, Peacock can tease the new season even more. Previously, it had been limited to host Alan Cumming teasing everyone on social media.

The Traitors 3 cast has returned home

Players from The Traitors 3 have begun popping up on social media after their time abroad.

One funny post was made to the Instagram Stories of Big Brother alum Britney Haynes.

A running joke was that Britney was vacationing in Greece with Janelle Pierzina. It was a funny cover story for when she traveled to Scotland to film The Traitors.

Survivor winner Boston Rob Mariano also resurfaced on Instagram to wish his daughter a happy birthday.

Rob and three other Survivor alums are on The Traitors 3. The quartet may have had an advantage this season but could have also become a target.

When will The Traitors 3 episodes debut?

The wait begins, even though filming has been completed on The Traitors 3. It will be months before the season premiere finally debuts on Peacock.

New episodes will likely debut in January 2025 if the network follows its usual release schedule. It gives them lots of time to advertise and create buzz for this intriguing new group.

As a reminder, here is the cast list for The Traitors 3.

More news from reality TV

A new season of Big Brother debuts this summer on CBS.

Here is a new teaser from the Big Brother producers.

A new season of Survivor has recently finished filming. Jeff Probst has been back in Fiji filming content for the 2024-2025 television season.

Here is the leaked cast list for Survivor 47. New episodes should arrive in the fall of 2024.

Previous seasons of The Traitors are streaming on Peacock. The show is fun and ups the ante from a regular reality competition show.

The Traitors is on hiatus at Peacock.

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