Survivor quartet looks to dominate the new season of The Traitors

Carolyn Survivor 44 Cast
Carolyn Wiger finished in third place on Survivor 44. Pic credit: CBS

The Traitors 3 cast was revealed, and it features four Survivor alums.

The Survivor vets may have a potential advantage in Scotland but may also become targets.

Prior seasons of The Traitors featured notable Survivor legends, setting the tone for how future Survivor players could be viewed.

Four-time Survivor player Cirie Fields won the first season of The Traitors US. And she did it by bonding with and turning on key alliance members.

Two-time Survivor winner Sandra Diaz-Twine nearly made it to the end of The Traitors 2 but got out-played by a duo from The Challenge in the final episodes.

Now, some new faces from Survivor have been invited to play the game in Scotland.

The Traitors 3 cast features four people from Survivor

Leading the way for Survivor on The Traitors 3 is Boston Rob Mariano. Rob has played Survivor numerous times, including two seasons with his wife Amber. Rob won a season and played on the Winner at War season that featured only former winners.

While Rob is the best-known Survivor player on The Traitors 3, he wasn’t the most successful. Two-time Survivor winner Tony Vlachos is in Scotland. He is the player who won the $2 million prize on Winners at War.

Jeremy Collins and Carolyn Wiger also join Rob and Tony.

Carolyn was recently seen on Survivor 44, bringing a unique energy to Fiji. She will likely do the same in Scotland and is a player to watch.

Jeremy won Survivor: Cambodia and placed tenth on Survivor: San Juan del Sur. The firefighter from Massachusetts also played on Winners at War.

Having Rob, Tony, Jeremy, and Carolyn in the castle creates a fun atmosphere for Survivor fans. But will the show make one of them a Traitor who works against the rest of the players to steal the $250,000 prize pool?

More from The Traitors and Survivor

Here is a link to the full Traitors 3 cast list. It features people from Big Brother, The Bachelorette, Summer House, and The Real Housewives.

As host Alan Cumming already revealed, the game has begun, and he chose his Traitors for the third season.

Jeopardy! will soon feature a former Survivor player.

Q Burdette from Survivor 46 is about to be a dad. The dramatic player from last season announced that his wife is pregnant.

And a new season of Survivor is being filmed for Fall 2024. The players are in Fiji with host Jeff Probst.

Previous seasons of The Traitors are streaming on Peacock. Past Survivor seasons are streaming on Paramount+.

The Traitors is on hiatus at Peacock. Survivor 47 debuts in the fall of 2024 on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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