Survivor 46: Q Burdette announces he and his wife are expecting a baby, shares pregnancy photo

Q Survivor 46
Q Burdette finished in sixth place on Survivor 46. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Q Burdette shared some exciting news with his fans and followers.

The Survivor 46 alum will soon be a father.

Q paused from sharing photos from his time in Fiji to inform the world that his wife Emily is pregnant.

As fans, followers, and fellow alums stopped by to congratulate him, Q also responded to many of the messages.

Survivor 46 winner Kenzie Petty also revealed she is pregnant. She announced her news as the episodes from Season 46 were wrapping up.

But back to Q – who was excited to let everyone in on his news.

Q Burdette announces that his wife is pregnant

“I don’t have an island pic to post today but I do have a real life picture with my wife and soon to be mama of my Baby Boy Ace!!” Q wrote on an Instagram post.

The post features Q standing with his wife, Emily, as she holds her belly.

It’s unclear if Q was revealing the baby’s real name (Ace) or if this was just a nickname or joke.

“This is why life is so fun! She has to deal with my crazy A** in real life and to have her with me in NYC for the finale is AWESOME!!” Q added to his post.

The Survivor 46 alum referenced being in New York City for the season finale party, where many other players also partied.

With how active Q is on social media, we expect more updates about his son to come out soon.

More big reveals from the Survivor 46 cast

Jeff Probst announced that the Sia Prize had ended. Singer Sia was giving away cash prizes to her favorite players in recent seasons, but that era is now over.

Q Burdette announced he will give out prizes now. He sought input from fans on who should get the first Q Prize from the Survivor 46 cast.

Liz Wilcox also revealed she told a huge lie in Fiji. She wanted to mitigate her risk in the game and had an idea to fly under the radar with one key piece of information.

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Here is our first look at Survivor 47 footage. It reveals a castaway who is 59 years old and trying to live out her dream in Fiji.

And here is when we can finally expect Survivor 50 episodes to arrive on CBS.

Survivor 47 debuts in the fall of 2024 on CBS.

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