Kenzie Petty debuts shocking new hairstyle to celebrate winning Survivor 46, shares new pregnancy photos

Kenzie Survivor 46
Fun was had by Kenzie at Ponderosa after Survivor 46 wrapped. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 46 winner Kenzie Pretty just debuted a shocking new hairstyle that shakes things up.

Survivor fans may have become familiar with Kenzie’s long red hair on the show, but that’s not her natural hair color.

After her time in Fiji, Kenzie began growing out her natural hair. It’s entirely possible that she decided to go that route instead of using hair dye.

Kenzie recently revealed that she is pregnant, so going back to her normal hair color might be a result.

The baby is with her husband, who patiently waited for her to finish playing Survivor to celebrate their union. The topic of her wedding came up during Survivor, and she mentioned that it had been pushed back.

Kenzie also noted that she hasn’t gone back to her natural color ” in about 16 years.”

Kenzie poses for a photo with new hair and baby bump

“Taking it back to my roots,” Kenzie captioned a trio of photos she shared on Instagram.

“Shoutout @smokedlacehair for giving me new life on this new chapter. I love you forever. Thank you for showing me true friendship and keeping me cute for the last decade. Grateful and feeling so good.” Kenzie added.

Two photos show Kenzie with her much shorter haircut and dark black roots. She is also shown cradling her baby bump.

Pregnancy update from Kenzie Petty

“It’s all for you,” Kenzie began a new post about her son and pregnancy.

“As a follow up to my last post, I wanted to make one final extra special thank you to my son for being the reason I kept fighting so hard. On nights where I wondered what I was doing this for- the answer was always you,” Kenzie wrote. “Of course you were just an idea then, but just thought of coming back and starting our family was enough to push me to the end. I love you more than anything already and I can’t wait to meet you.”

Kenzie also added a note explaining that she wasn’t pregnant during Survivor 46. Although her pregnancy may have led to some questions from fans, her season was filmed in spring 2023.

More Survivor news

Maria Gonzalez revealed why she voted for Kenzie to win. Many Survivor fans had been questioning her vote.

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The first Survivor 47 footage was also revealed. A new group of players will make up the cast, which will premiere in primetime next fall.

Survivor 47 debuts in the fall of 2024 on CBS.

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17 days ago

“The baby is with her husband, who patiently waited for her to finish playing Survivor …” Uh. No. The baby has not even been born. The baby is due in September 2024. Kind of hard to have your husband waiting with the “baby” in 2023 when your son (yes, it is a boy) isn’t yet born.