Sia Prize ends at Survivor, Jeff Probst releases statement

Sia on the Red Carpet
One of the biggest Survivor fans is singer Sia. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia

The Sia Prize has become a familiar post-season award to fun players from each Survivor cast.

Singer Sia had given out cash prizes to the players she most enjoyed watching each season.

Sia enjoyed rewarding several players each season, with recent winners including Kaleb Gebrewold, Jake O’Kane, Carolyn Wiger, Carson Garrett, and Elaine Stott.

Players had been getting up to $100,000 for being her favorite player in a season or $15,000 for being entertaining. And she did this for eight years.

Sia is one of the biggest Survivor fans out there, and the players getting her prize would usually get invited to meet and party with her.

But it is the end of an era, as it has been announced that Sia is done with the prizes and that nobody from the Survivor 46 cast will get one.

Jeff Probst addresses the end of the Sia Prize

“It’s the end of one of the most unique eras in the history of Survivor,” Jeff Probst began a statement shared on Instagram.

“After eight years, 14 seasons, 19 players, and over $1,000,000 awarded, Survivor is officially bringing the Sia Prize to a triumphant end!” Jeff added.

Jeff then spoke about remembering the first time Sia gave out the award and how Tai from Survivor: Kaoh Rong was so surprised to get $50,000 from her.

Since then, Sia has given out cash prizes to her favorite players, with the award sometimes softening the blow players experienced by not winning the show.

“So it is with tremendous gratitude and admiration to Sia that we bring to a close one of the most unique relationships a TV show could ever have with a pop star of Sia’s global wattage,” Jeff closed out the message. “I’m really honored for Survivor to have this one of a kind association with Sia. She’s in the Survivor Hall Of Fame of Superfans!”

Jeff’s full message of thanks is shared below.

Sia Prize Ends
Jeff Probst reacted to the Sia Prize ending on Survivor. Pic credit: @JeffProbst/Instagram

Survivor drama and season reactions

Charlie Davis shared a video of himself singing in the shower after the Survivor 46 finale aired. Of course, he chose a Taylor Swift song to send a message about his reaction to Maria Gonzalez not voting for him.

Maria Gonzalez revealed why she voted for Kenzie Petty to win, but many Survivor fans are unsure if that was the real reason she did it.

And speaking of the Survivor 46 winner, Kenzie revealed she is pregnant! She is expecting a baby to arrive very soon.

Looking ahead, here is our first footage of the Survivor 47 cast. The new group of players is playing the game in Fiji and recording episodes for the 2024-2025 television season.

Previous seasons of Survivor are streaming on Paramount+.

Survivor 47 debuts in the fall of 2024 on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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