The Traitors 3 winner predicted by actor Zac Efron

Zac Efron Red Carpet
Hollywood star Zac Efron is interested in The Traitors 3. Pic credit: © Perniac

Zac Efron has some thoughts on The Traitors 3.

Host Alan Cumming recently revealed The Traitors 3 cast, and it features someone very close to Zac.

Dylan Efron (Zac’s brother) traveled to Scotland to play on the third season of the hit reality competition show.

The show has people from reality TV stay in a Scottish castle and compete for part of a $250,000 prize.

Dylan has appeared on Down to Earth with Zac Efron, a documentary-type show currently streaming on Netflix.

Down to Earth also features wellness expert Darin Olien and has the guys traveling the world searching for healthy, sustainable ways to live.

Zac Efron weighs in on The Traitors 3

“I think he’s going to win,” Zac told Entertainment Tonight.

“He’s really good at games and I just have a good feeling about it,” Zac added.

Being good at games is an important component of the show, but so is conniving and reading people well.

“He is just the best at games. Growing up, he was a first roll Yatzi kind of dude,” Zac elaborated to ET. “If I was him, I would move to Vegas and just play games. He’s that good, so I got high hopes for him.”

This led to the obvious question: will Zac Efron make a guest appearance at the Scottish castle during The Traitors 3?

“I know nothing about that,” he coyly answered.

Here’s the full Traitors 3 cast list. It includes some infamous people from reality television – with several people who will stop at nothing to win that prize money.

Traitors host Alan Cumming teased Traitors selection, where he decides who will try to steal the money from the rest of the cast.

For new fans, The Traitors has 21 reality TV people competing in challenges and trying to survive eliminations on the way to winning a cash prize. But three people (the Traitors) are trying to steal that money from everyone else.

Filming is underway for the new season and is expected to arrive on Peacock next winter.

More reality television news

Big Brother 26 just dropped an extensive TV promo. It hints at what’s coming during the summer of 2024 and a possible theme.

Survivor 50 will be a “year-long” celebration. The CBS boss also teased what’s being planned for the monumental season.

Four Survivor alums are also on The Traitors 3. The group includes Boston Rob Mariano, who was recently seen as the star of Deal or No Deal Island on NBC.

Previous seasons of The Traitors are streaming on Peacock. Down to Earth with Zac Efron is streaming on Netflix.

The Traitors is on hiatus at Peacock.

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