The Challenge Season 37, Episode 15 recap: Who went home from Spies, Lies & Allies elimination?

the challenge spies lies allies episode 15 cast members
The Emerald team tried to grab another win in The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 15. Pic credit: MTV

As The Challenge cast returned to headquarters, Amanda Garcia was cheering about being part of the Emerald team. Some of her teammates, including Devin Walker, weren’t too enthused with that.

Kaycee Clark, Josh Martinez, and Devin had a private meeting outside of headquarters. Devin said in confessional he has a close relationship with Tori Deal outside of the game, so losing her was a massive blow. Kaycee said they need to make sure Amanda feels welcomed and is working with them.

Tori held a chat with Big T Fazakerley, Nelson Thomas, and Kyle Christie about Ruby team working harder. She tried to motivate the team to do better. Kyle said in confessional she’s only been on the team for five minutes, not for five-straight losing missions.

In his confessional, Emanuel Neagu said he’s the only rookie who hasn’t gone into elimination yet, so he felt like a target. In another confessional, CT Tamburello said he’s impressed with Josh this season as he seems more in shape and focused than before.

Outside headquarters, CT had a chat with Tori about helping Ruby team get the win today instead of Emerald. He suggested that they could still protect the vets and send in the remaining rookie guys.

Agents battle in physical Boom Raiders mission

Host TJ Lavin introduced the competitors to their latest daily challenge called Boom Raiders. It involved a bunker with sticks of dynamite for each cell connected by three trenches that intersected.

The competitors had to race through the trenches trying to steal their opponents’ dynamite sticks. However, opponents were also running in the trenches, making it like a three-way Hall Brawl. The first cell to get 20 sticks of dynamite and hit their detonator button to blow up the opposing teams would win.

Rookie Emy Alupei asked Mr. TJ how she was going to compete against five other females between the other two teams. He told her, “that’s your problem.”

Sapphire and Ruby were working together, or it seemed that way. Unfortunately, Kyle mistakingly grabbed one of Sapphire’s dynamite sticks, which got CT and Logan Sampedro upset about that.

When the women went, Tori smashed Amanda Garcia into the wall as they were running at each other. Later, some of Emerald yelled at the others for playing dirty, and Tori erupted at them, yelling about how Amanda stole her spot.

Josh, Kyle, and CT got revved up for the third round as the guys rushed at each other with several big hits. A few collisions occurred near the center area. In a fourth round, the women competed again. Kaycee knocked Tori down in the trench to the delight of her teammates.

In the end, Emy picked up the big win for her team, giving Sapphire a second-straight win in the daily missions.

Castmates argue, nomination meeting decides Compromised Agent

Tori chatted with Emerald’s Devin, Josh, and Emanuel about why she did what she did during the mission. Devin said she cost them because now one of Emerald’s guys is up for elimination. A teary-eyed Tori said she had no choice because she’s now on a different team and had to play to win.

Devin yelled at her, saying she made a “selfish a** move” and to “own it.” He said he didn’t expect that from his friend. Later, Tori went to Kyle’s room crying and pleaded with him not to choose Devin if he got sent into elimination later.

At night, CT and Kyle had a heated discussion outside headquarters about whether they’re friends or not after what Kyle did in the mission earlier. CT said in confessional he’s never sure he can trust Kyle.

Kyle said in his confessional that every season CT always “f**ks someone over” and then goes on to win the game.

Things got loud in their discussion outside. Kyle suggested for CT’s team to throw Emanuel into elimination. Kyle said he’s not sure who he’ll pick, and it could be Emanuel or Josh.

At the nomination meeting, Emanuel, Josh, Devin, Nelson, and Kyle made their cases not to be The Agency’s vote. Kyle tried to use “scare tactics,” saying he’d choose Emanuel for the elimination and would steal Logan’s spot on Sapphire if he won.

The Agency voted, and Kyle was the Compromised Agent.

Who went home from Spies, Lies & Allies elimination?

As the agents prepared to go to the elimination event, Josh put on a pair of Fessy Shafaat socks in tribute to his castmate who previously defeated Kyle in Hall Brawl for Double Agents.

TJ called Kyle down to the ground level at The Lair and asked him to call down an opponent. He chose Josh due to the elimination event seeming to involve balance which he felt Emanuel is great with.

They competed in Burning Bridges. It involved building a bridge that was missing 16 planks. They had to jump off a platform to ring a bell hanging ahead of them before going down to ground level and retrieving a plank. Then they’d climb up a ladder and place the plank in their bridge.

If they missed the bell, they had to climb back up and jump again. The first competitor to place all 16 planks, walk across their completed bridge and pull a lever to set the bridge on fire won the elimination.

Kyle picked up an early lead. At one point, both guys missed the bell on their jumps. Kyle got back ahead as castmates cheered hard for Josh, trying to give him help from the stands.

They missed ringing their bells several times and looked exhausted. However, Kyle didn’t give up, mentioning he was motivated by the baby he has on the way back home. Kyle ultimately was able to build his bridge, pull the lever, and win the elimination.

the challenge season 37 episode 15 elimination event burning bridges
The Burning Bridge elimination brought a fiery competition in Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 15. Pic credit: MTV

After losing, Josh delivered a teary-eyed confessional saying this should motivate him to come back stronger and one day become a champion.

Kyle made his decision about which team to choose after his win. Kyle told Logan “get off my team” and chose to join Sapphire. Logan went to Ruby with Nelson, Tori, and Big T Fazakerley. Before the episode closed, CT asked his teammate Kyle if he learned his lesson.

“Can’t vote me in if I’m over here,” Kyle joked with him.

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