The Challenge star Big T Fazakerley comments about her future with the show after Season 37

big t fazakerley of the challenge in spies lies allies episode 14
Big T Fazakerley in The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 14. Pic credit: MTV

Appearing in multiple seasons of The Challenge back to back can take a toll on cast members physically and mentally. That’s why some often step away for a break from the show to recharge and come back stronger for the competition.

Based on recent comments from veteran cast member Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, she doesn’t expect to return to the show after Spies, Lies & Allies for the 38th season, as she has other plans in the works.

The former Shipwrecked star recently shared details about what she has going on in the meantime and if she’d return to The Challenge at any point.

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Big T comments about The Challenge Season 38

As Big T recently opened up her Instagram Story for her followers and fans to send in questions, many asked her about things related to MTV’s The Challenge.

With Big T among the entertaining veteran cast members appearing in Spies, Lies & Allies who managed to outlast other competitors, it prompted some fans to ask if she’d be back for Season 38.

“As it stands for the time being. No,” Big T shared in an Instagram Story slide.

Based on her answer, it seems she isn’t planning on returning for it because she may be focused on culinary school. In her Instagram Q&A reply, she revealed that she’s applied for school and is waiting to hear back.

“As you guys know cooking is a huge passion of mine and the course starts in January,” Big T revealed in her IG Story slide.

big t says probably no season 38 of the challenge
Pic credit: @bigtfaz/Instagram Story

Based on recent rumors that cast availability calls have started for Season 38, it seems to make sense that filming would be going on in early 2022. If Big T gets into culinary school, it seems she’ll be concentrating on her new endeavor.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s leaving The Challenge for good.

Will Big T return for more seasons of The Challenge?

In her Instagram Q&A reply above, Big T mentioned she wants to be at an “optimum fitness level” and “feel extremely confident as a physical competitor.” Based on her comments, she knows the areas she needs to improve to get there.

Another fan asked her if she would ever return to The Challenge, and luckily for her fans, it seems she has a strong chance of doing so.

“A million percent. I love the show, and the experience!! It’s strangely addictive and changed my lifestyle for the better,” she responded in her IG Story.

the challenge star big t about returning for more seasons
Pic credit: @bigtfaz/Instagram Story

Big T also shared more about how she’s trying to improve her fitness level should she return for future seasons of The Challenge. Based on her reply, she’s been “training harder and more consistently than ever.”

She went on to say she’s mainly working on her running, an essential aspect of competing on the show. That typically comes into play during the final, as being able to have endurance is a key to lasting for the duration of an intense series of tasks.

big t fazakerley training for the challenge future
Pic credit: @bigtfaz/Instagram Story

For Big T Fazakerley, her Season 36, Double Agents, was a breakout season of sorts. It saw her partner up with multiple-time winner CT Tamburello, who mostly mentored her and gave her advice for the competition.

The duo would win a daily challenge together, and Big T would later win her first elimination, defeating veteran Aneesa Ferreira. She’d get sent home several episodes later by Amber Borzotra, who later teamed with CT to win Double Agents.

With Spies, Lies & Allies, Big T competed in the recent Episode 14 elimination but lost to Amanda Garcia. However, another cast member’s departure during the episode allowed Big T to remain in the game for at least a few more episodes.

Big T is the most recent cast member to reveal she wouldn’t be returning for Season 38. During The Challenge: Aftermath show, Cory Wharton said he was taking a break from the show to be with his daughters and girlfriend more.

The good news for their fans is that it seems they’re both planning on a comeback, and when they return, they may be more prepared for the competition of The Challenge than ever.

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The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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