The Challenge Season 37, Episode 14 recap: Who went home from Spies, Lies & Allies elimination?

emy alupei ct tamburello ashley mitchell and logan sampedro of the challenge 37
The Sapphire team learns about the Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 14 daily challenge. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge competitors arrived back to headquarters after Logan Sampedro’s big elimination win. Nelson Thomas asked why he didn’t come back to Ruby, and Logan said it was due to a teammate calling him into elimination.

CT Tamburello was excited to have Logan on his team, saying he’s been a “lone wolf” and seems like a “gamer.”

Amanda Garcia said in a confessional that Tori Deal is overrated in the game. Nelson said in his confessional he needs to get his Ruby team working together, or they’re in trouble again.

Tori said in her confessional Amanda is a different type of competitor, and she doesn’t trust her because she “talks a ton of s**t” behind her back.

Big T and Amanda strategize about next moves

Two of Ruby’s players facing elimination spoke with others about winning in elimination and then joining a new team. Big T Fazakerley told CT and Logan she wanted to steal a spot on the Sapphire team.

They weren’t too keen on the idea, with CT telling her she’d probably do better to join Emerald if she wanted to win. Logan even said in confessional he’d leave Sapphire if Big T joined them.

Amanda told Josh Martinez of her intention to steal a spot on Emerald. Josh told Amanda it’d be smarter to join Sapphire. He said he wanted to run the final with Nany Gonzalez and Kaycee Clark, so Amanda said she’d steal Tori’s spot then.

Cast competes in Top Gun-inspired mission Submerged

The Challenge host TJ Lavin came riding up to the agents on a motorcycle. He introduced the agents to a daily mission inspired by the classic film Top Gun.

The mission was sponsored by Paramount Pictures’ Top Gun: Maverick film. Three actors from the 2022 movie appeared on a TV to give some background on their training for the film.

Competitors sat inside the cockpit of a specially-created fighter jet that got dipped nose-first into the water. With the cockpit underwater, agents had to work to retrieve special symbols. They could go to the surface for air but would need to go back underwater to finish the mission.

There was also a puzzle key underneath one plane wing, which agents had to look at and memorize. They’d then assemble the puzzle onshore using the various symbols they collected. There was a 45-minute time limit, but the team to get it done the fastest became The Agency.

The Emerald team went first and couldn’t find their final puzzle piece but realized it was attached to Josh’s leg. Onshore, the other groups cheered as Emerald struggled because they had the puzzle wrong several times until finally getting it.

Ruby team went second and also struggled. Big T left a puzzle piece in the water, so they had to find it. Time ran out on them, making Nelson mad.

Sapphire went last and felt confident they could win it. They were doing great until they couldn’t find their final piece. Emy Alupei came up clutch and found it under the plane. Sapphire got their first win, making it the first time Emerald didn’t win.

As a bonus prize, TJ revealed the Sapphire team members also won invites to an exclusive screening of Top Gun: Maverick before it arrives in theaters. TJ also said the people from Top Gun are throwing a special party at the club tonight.

Amanda confronts castmates at club before vote

At the club, the Ruby team talked about their loss earlier. Kyle Christie said either Big T or Amanda is probably going in, so he suggested if they go in and win to infiltrate Emerald. Sapphire team spoke about sending in either Big T or Amanda.

In another conversation, Amanda told Ashley she’d take fate into her own hands and ask to go into elimination.

Amanda saw Kaycee, Tori, Nany, and Big T were having a chat. She went over to interrupt it because she thought they were talking about her. She got into it with Kaycee, and Nany told Amanda to walk away.

Everyone showed up at the nomination meeting except for the Sapphire team’s Ashley. Nany mentioned she wasn’t there, but they didn’t know what was going on.

Amanda requested for Sapphire to vote her in so she could choose her fate. Tori asked if she was going to steal a spot on Emerald, and Amanda said she would.

Devin confronted Amanda about her plan to come to the Emerald team even though she hadn’t won all game. Amanda told him it’s a selfish game, and she’s trying to win a million dollars.

She brought up how Josh said he wanted Kaycee and Nany in the final with him so that she could steal Tori’s spot. Back at the house, Amanda got choked up and told Josh it seemed her only friend there was Nelson, not him or Devin.

Who went home in Episode 14 elimination?

At The Lair, TJ told everyone that Ashley broke one of the rules and was no longer part of the game. He didn’t elaborate any further. Amanda went down to the ground level as Compromised Agent and called down Big T as her opponent.

TJ revealed an elimination event called Vault Escape. They had a 20-foot tall vault with locks they had to twist and pull out so they could stand on a peg to climb to the next lock. There were eight locks. The first one to get to the top and ring the bell would be the winner.

amanda garcia in the challenge spies lies allies episode 14 elimination
Amanda Garcia competes in The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 14 elimination. Pic credit: MTV

Amanda got off to a hot start, but Big T started to catch up. Tori was cheering hard for Big T because she knew Amanda’s plan to steal her spot.

Unfortunately, Tori’s cheers weren’t enough to push Big T, as Amanda captured the win. Big T bid farewell to her castmates.

Big T started to leave, but TJ yelled for her to come back. He said he already deactivated one agent, so tonight’s her lucky night and she can stay with Ruby. Amanda did what she promised earlier and stole Tori’s spot on the Emerald team.

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