The Amazing Race 2022: Where is the new cast traveling?

TAR Phil
Phil is back for another race around the world. Pic credit: CBS

A new season of The Amazing Race airs on Wednesday nights this fall, and the new cast has already traveled around the world to film the episodes.

It was back in early June that TAR host Phil Keoghan made the announcement that the race was underway. And since the race itself typically only takes a few weeks to film, they may already know who won The Amazing Race 34.

There were also some fun rumors about a Big Brother showmance competing this season, but we will have to wait for the official cast list to come out to know everyone who took part in the battle for $1 million.

What we know for sure is that on Wednesday nights in Fall 2022, CBS will be airing Survivor 43 at 8/7c and then The Amazing Race at 9/8c each week. It should present a fun night of reality TV shows for the network.

Where does The Amazing Race 34 travel around the world?

A report by Reality Blurred states that Season 34 of The Amazing Race includes stops in Munich, Germany; Bologna and Turin in Italy; Aqada, Jordan; Bragnac, France; London; and Malaga, Spain.

Those are certainly some fun locations, even if it seems like past contestants have visited London a lot. And speaking of former contestants, two-time racer Rob Mariano just took up a new sport.

More news from CBS reality competition shows

As we noted above, Survivor 43 has been filmed and will air in Fall 2022. A brand-new cast was flown to Fiji to compete for the $1 million prize and filming on the new season was recently completed.

The producers have also opened up applications for Survivor 45, allowing fans of the show another chance to apply.

But before all of that takes place, Big Brother 24 will air in Summer 2022 on CBS. This is a new season of the show that will debut on July 6. A $750,000 prize is on the line for the person who can emerge from the BB24 cast as the winner.

And after Big Brother, Wednesday night episodes this summer, a new CBS version of The Challenge will air each week. The network has tapped into several of its reality competition shows to put together a Challenge cast, and that includes The Amazing Race.

To view past seasons of The Amazing Race, Survivor, or Big Brother, fans can stream them on Paramount+. It’s a great way to go back and see some of the best competitors that each reality competition show has featured over the years.

The Amazing Race 34 airs on CBS in Fall 2022.

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